2012 Nissan GT-R: 530HP, 7.20 Ring Time

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  2. It is actually pretty tough. Maybe not tough enough for idiot drivers (mostly in America) who insist on launching it and then try to pretend like they never launched it. There was one stock transmission that took over a hundred dragstrip launches at 600+ hp before it blew. I do agree they should make something else break first, like halfshafts.

    Probably the biggest quirk/shortcoming is that it's Japanese. If GM/Ford/Chrysler/Porsche built this same exact car, I bet the reaction would be quite different.

    Anyway, some more Egoist interior pics.
  3. Different reaction from Murikans maybe.
  4. Well that one must have had a pretty good unit anyway! I haven't kept up on it a ton since it very first came out. Last time I paid much attention people were #%[email protected] like it was actually not very strong at all. If it ended up being ok, then that's good.

    The other thing I don't like is some of the ridiculous maintenance. It's purchase price is great... Then all of a sudden it's as if you bought a Ferrari. Probably just Nissan trying to milk it on the back end, knowing they'll sell more with lower up front pricing and then raking it in on parts. But still kind of lame.

    I wish it was more Corvette like in terms of reliability and ruggedness. If it was, at this price, I'd be waaay more impressed. I'm a total AWD (and Nissan) fanboi, so I was very disappointed after it came out.
  5. Also, that interior is horrible. First off, doesn't look that nice/cool objectively... Second, it is TOTALLY the wrong kind of interior for a car like this. I'm not even a big interior guy, and I can even see that's some bullshit right there.
  6. Indeed.
  7. I doubt that's the stock interior. Probably an example of what you can do with the EGOIST edition.
  9. Damn Guibo, that interior is awesome.
  10. I seriously don't get with the power/weight/everything how it can be so quick around the Nordschleife.

    Beggars belief.

    I want one, just not with that interior.
  11. What kind of a car is this? The standard GT-R is already $80k+ and is targeting the performance of Porsche. This one will probably cost twice as much (think fully-optioned Turbo range). Why shouldn't a GT-R customer be offered an interior as luxurious as a Porsche?
  12. Technology, dude, and don't believe the 7:20 time.
  13. What's unbelievable about it?
  14. The fact that a group test of the 2010 car wasnt anywhere close to its claimed laptime. When this laps close to that in the hands of a journalist/non nissan employee, ill believe it.
  15. Here we go again...

    ...Guibo can prove you wrong with both hands tied to his back. STFU retards.
  16. Here we go again...

    ...Guibo can prove you wrong with both hands tied to his back. STFU retards.
  17. someone is hacking me
  18. It's not that it's "nice"... It's the way it looks. It looks veeery unsporty. A ferrari interior is nice, but looks like it belongs in a sports car. This just looks boring/lame somehow. The standard interior probably looks better.

    Also, if they're going for ultralux... They fell down. The vents, and basically everything on that interior, look lamer than a Corvette! LOL
  19. It's just a more powerful turd with a cadillac saloon interior.
  20. bleck interior pleas
  21. Which group test was that? The one in AutoBild done with the full course and a passenger?
  22. Shut it, this interior is better than Corvettes.
  23. What about it looks boring/lame or unsporty? "Standard interior probably looks better", LOL. That sounds like you've never been in either of these cars.

    If you think the vents, seats, and steering wheel look lamer than a Corvette, then you're entitled to that opinion. But you should realize that few will agree with you. I'd take the GT-R's metal-looking vents laid in quality leather over the Corvette's down-syndrome looking plasticky vents laid in fake CF anyday.
  24. exer is such a...

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