2012 Nissan GT-R: 530HP, 7.20 Ring Time

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  2. because a journalist should be able to achieve the top possible laptimes ?!?

    id prefer to see laptimes from some third party qualified racing drivers

  5. I'll start off by saying I was kidding, and I said that just to rile people up. But honestly, I don't think it's much better than an optioned out Vette interior, aside from (hopefully) better materials. Been in and drove dozens of Vettes, never in a GTR... But as mediocre as a vettes interior is, at least the seats and layout look like they're somewhat attempting to have a sporty interior. There's curves, multiple colors, non standard button placement for some controls.

    What really kills it for me is the seats. The pattern on them is completely not sporty at all. That particular color probably makes it look 10 times worse, but even in black I don't think I'd be super keen. That's why I said I bet the standard interior looks better. It probably has seats that are less cushy and more like traditional buckets you'd expect to see in a sports car.

    Also, the layout of the Nav/radio controls... WTF. It's like the engineers were like "Hey, we need somewhere to shove this crap." Then they just put everything in a blockish chunk in the middle.

    The buttons on either side of the guage cluster. In a straight line, on a totally straight piece of plastic. Everything is in boring straight lines. No curves. All one color. The steering wheel is... A steering wheel. Not cool, but not horrible. Probably steers the car well enough. The vents are the same style as a Chevy Aveo. Not cool either, just parts bin. Which is fine, but don't expect me to be impressed.

    Basically just not impressed. I'm not a big interior guy, so quite frankly it wouldn't deter me from getting one if I wanted one. But it is not "cool" looking by any stretch. That's all I'm saying.
  6. Ugh Paultards.
  7. Yeah, the Vette's seats look really sporty...especially when you're getting a work out because of how pathetically flimsy they are. They were junk for sportiness in a base Vette, and even worse in a $120k+ ZR1 that can pull those kind of lateral forces.
    Optioned out Corvette interior...the only one that looks somewhat remotely on par is the Carbon Edition, and even that has got the typical GM cheap-ass tramp-stamp on it: the "carbon" inside is fake. Look at the updated interior trims GM offered below. Comparatively ghastly.

    Layout for sportiness...I think the fact that you haven't been in a GT-R explains a lot. FWIW, R&T agrees. The GT-R scored a perfect 10 out of 10 for ergonomics while the ZR1 was lower at 9.4. C&D scored it 10 for the GT-R, 8 for the Z06. edmunds scored it 8.5 and 8.5 to the GT-R for seats and driving position, 5.5 and 7.5 to the ZR1.

    The vents are also in the style of the Ford GT, a car which cost $140k. The Aveo's have a chintzy chrome surround, while the GT-R's satin finish is far more tasteful. Thanks for highlighting that the Aveo's vents look better than the Corvette's. And the steering wheel too (just like a $20k Malibu).

    I'm not a big interior guy either, but I'm not so blind as to think a Corvette interior is anywhere near this one in terms of style and overall quality.
  9. I want to see Guibo and Exer in a fight.
  10. corvette interiors are SO 90's
  11. Honestly, the most irritating thing about Guibo is simply his WPP
  12. 1890's
  13. GM should take the new CTS-V interior and squeeze it into a vette.
  15. errr... if they did that they wouldnt sell a single ctsv coupe
  16. Well look at the group test in the comparo section. Whoever drove the cars was a damn good driver, they did a 7.30 in a 458, they got close to or beat most of the claimed lap times in all teh cars apart from the GTR
  17. You don't know that. Other car companies have no such worries about putting nice interiors across the lineup. A nice interior in a Boxster doesn't disrupt sales of the 911. Nice interior in the SLK doesn't mean SL sales drop to zero.
  18. Nissan doesn't time their cars with a passenger and a full lap. Claimed lap time of the SLS? 458? Porsche times their cars on industry days while sharing traffic.
    You don't know anything about the suspension settings, transmission settings, or the stability control settings used by that driver in the group comparo. You don't have a video of him lapping the course. Basically, you have no grounds to dispute the claim as false.
  20. Its funny that the other cars were so close to their max laptimes, but the nissan was a country mile off though, you have to admit?
  21. I only admit it's funny that you ignored the content of my post.
  22. That's because it was a load of horseshit, the same obviously applies for the other cars. Why make excuses for the jap crap?
  23. Other cars...? What was the claimed lap time for the LP570?
  24. they were better in the 90's -_-

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