2012 Range Rover Evoque 5-Door

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by jebbinksy, Nov 10, 2010.

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  2. still not learnt how to make threads have we?
  3. Seriously

  4. it does look very good
  5. Well, it's no X5.
  7. I had forgotten about this idiot.
  8. it's a while they want to produce that, they'll wait for it looking dated
  9. 10100!
  10. haha, this jebbinsky moron is still around?
  11. haha, this jebbinsky moron is still around?
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  14. Post the article and the pictures, you #$%#ing idiot.
  15. if its a 2012 model its probably going to be on the market roughly this time next year.
  16. errrr, no.
  17. maybe, still i already saw that prototipe years ago
  18. Mrs David Beckham was at the launch of this thing. Saw it on Auto Mundial about a month ago
  19. depends on the pricing and shit but I really want to get one when they come out. It'd have to be around Freelander pricing or so though. I bet they will be mega expensive because all the divorced cougars are going to get one.
  20. no you didn't you moron, you saw the LRX which has turned into the Evoque 3 door. this is the 5 door which is their newest showing.
  21. it won't be around freelander pricing, because then nobody would buy a freelander.

    it's a range rover model, so it will have range rover pricing, albeit the cheapest range rover... but still.
  22. well i was talking about the fact that it may look dated if they'll wait too much, the fact that it has 3 or 5 doors wont change my point, if it really bothers you replace "prototipe" with "design" and everything has sense and you wont cry anymore

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