2012 Volkswagen Golf R Set For U.S.

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    The eagerly anticipated high performance Volkswagen Golf R has been confirmed for sale in the U.S in early 2012.

    With the cancellation of the GTI Edition 35, and the outgoing R32 beast, VDub enthusiasts will be extremely pleased to know that a hot-hatch version of the Golf is coming. Volkswagen’s product and technology communications manager Mark Gillies explained that the Golf R was always on the list for the U.S market, and is now in the final stages of compliance procedures.

    The U.S version of the R will be a slightly detuned version of the model sold in Europe (boo!). But expect the R to crank out 250-hp from the 2.0-liter four cylinder engine coupled to a 4Motion all-wheel drive system. The U.S version will only feature the six-speed manual as opposed to the dual clutch DSG option – perhaps the better unit in this case. The R will get to 62 mph in 6.0 seconds, is electronically restricted to 155 mph and should get around 28 mpg.

  2. i want one
  3. When's the new Astra OPC coming? (Yeah I know... prolly a n00b post...)
  4. WRX, please.
  5. Considering a GTI already costs around $25k this is gonna be stupidly priced.
  6. Golf > the rest
  7. ya as the one least worth owning
  8. ya as the one least worth owning
  9. lol

    golf r32/r whatever its called > competition

    the sound alone makes me want to buy one.
  10. sti/everything > shitty VAG premium economy car
  11. german engineering > ugly plastic japanese
  12. ya then after like two years of ownership youre paying audi-level service fees and your crappy vag dies decades before ugly japanese plastic
  14. I wonder if its possible to gut the front wheel drive off this thing and have a RWD GTI
  15. Nice, but to bad it might be overpriced.
  16. It will be too expensive, you are better off upgrading to an Audi
  17. i'd love it if the scirroccococococco didn't exist.
  18. i'd love this power and awd in the scirocco, even if i cant afford it and awd its useless apart rainy or other low grip condintions, still, i'd like to see it
  19. Ok for the R32 it sounds awesome but this sounds like every turbo cars
  20. Weird bump.

    But yah, this will prolly cost 3 series money.
  22. So like, it's as fast as mk4 r32? oh neat
  24. Not worth the money

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