2012 Volkswagen Golf R Set For U.S.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. co-worker bought a 2012 R.

    Interior is indeed nice, the headlamps must cost 10k each since they are fully directional (horizontally and vertically). Sound is good but not as good as the earlier R32s.

    Definitively costs too much for 256hp. I'd rather have the real AWD system and japanese realiability with Subaru.
  2. It starts at $33,990.

    A WRX STI starts at $34,095. You'd have to be w00t not to spend the extra $100.
  3. Yeah thats why ive never seen a sti and see r's all the time.
  4. It's because you're Dutch, and therefor tight bastards. $100 for a vastly superior car is too much geld for you.
  5. Lol at superior. In your dreams. An evo yes. An sti? Not so much
  6. It's got an extra 50hp and a real AWD system. And it won't break down after three years. And it's easier to service.
  7. I don't get this whole "VWs are unreliable" idea that a lot of people have on this site. In Europe VWs are pretty bulletproof, and certainly do have that reputation.
  8. You have to remember that yours are welded together by efficient German robots. Ours are taped together by PandaBeat's hombres. Also, I genuinely believe that europeans have lower expectations of reliability in general. Maybe it's because Americans drive more than our continental counterparts.
  9. they are not reliable... Subarus are cheaper to maintain and are way more reliable. i wouldn't be surprised if they were more secure too.
  10. a chip will fix that and a real awd system? what's wrong with 4motion?

    break down after three years? vw's are pretty reliable. just as reliable as japanese cars. and how is it easier to service?

    also, take depreciation in consideration. the golf will hold on to it's value pretty well, the subaru will be worth nothing after 2 years.
  11. lower expectations of reliability? yeah okay.
  12. Rather have the extra 50hp and not void the warranty
  13. residual values are a good point
  14. Oh and what if you have a date or a business appointment?

    Good luck in your subaru.
  15. So an sti wont get you laid or something?

    Ugh just got trolled
  16. lol a WRX or STI would draw way more interest than a Golf.

    but in all seriousness, you do not want to show off you car to potential clients, in such a case.
  17. It's the only reasonable explanation why EVERY european manufacturer routinely gets the shit kicked out of it by the Japanese in reliability surveys. Honestly, all of them do poorly. The only exception is Porsche, but I'd attribute that more to the general un-reliability of the classes it competes in. VAG is shit (hello, electrical problems), Mercedes had a host or mechanical and electrical issues over the past decade and they still haven't recovered, BMW has a reputation for flaky engines later in life, Jaguar continues to be - and always has been dreadful to own in the long-run (mechanical AND electrical issues), Saab had infamous sludge issues, Volvo has electrical issues as well as sludge problems, and do I really need to point out Italy's failings in pretty much every arena? You don't buy European cars. You lease them, as soon as the warranty runs out, you throw them away and lease another one, because the nickel and dime niggling to catastrophic problems will set in pronto. The Japanese - not so much. You can reasonably expect to own a Japanese car for a decade and never encounter a serious problem or repeating electrical issues (Honda V6 auto-tragic gearboxes excepted). I'm sorry things are different on your side of the pond - but they are.
  18. North American VWs are not reliable. Sorry. Blame the Mexicans if you'd like. As for service, VW has a reputation for packing 10lbs of shit into a 5 lb bag. They are seriously difficult to service. I once watched a man replace a headlight in a current-shape Golf and it involved removing the whole fascia and the fender lining. That's not good for labor fees - and that's before you get to the ridiculously expensive parts.
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    But if you don't believe me, feast your eyes on the egg-heads who turn cars into appliances. The red checks are good used cars, notice how the Japanese tend to score higher than pretty much all the European brands...


    Oh, and if Consumer Reports isn't your cup of tea, JD Power rates VW lower than Subaru in dependability in their 2012 survey. Sorry to piss on y'all's bonfire again.
  20. Even in india VWs are more unreliable than their japanese counterparts. Especially the DSG VWs
  21. vws have audi service expenses

    stop it you two
  22. I like the new GTI, but I wouldn't want one over a WRX.
  23. i was considering a dsg scirocco, now i'll consider the manual
  24. i was considering a subaru, now ill consider the vw
    because volkswagens get you laid
  25. My only opinions of VW reliability are admittedly dated, rooted in late 90s US models where electrics will fail eventually, things that should not be controlled by vacuum are indeed controlled by vacuum, and parts made of non-exotic materials such as ``plastic`` and ``rubber`` are billed as though they are made of platinum or diamond.

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