2012 Volkswagen Golf R Set For U.S.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Maybe I should consider this too.
  2. Shit dude, that must be the truest thug I've heard about Dutch people :)
  3. btw VAG cars don't have any electrical problems, here there are more volkswagen than any other car expect fiat, and no one complains, had problems or anything
  4. For the thousandth time, yours are made in Germany, and ours in Mexico (or Tennessee). Clearly, there are some differences in quality control at the two (three) plants.
  5. So what you're saying is ignore your posts if you come from anywhere other than North Merrika?
  6. Would never consider this car for 30 grand in a million years.

    And quit talking about impressing dates or "business" people with a Golf over another car unless you're in high school or something.

    /srs mrgh

    To impress me and my friends, you need an S5 at the very LEAST. VW does not cut it! Unless you're pulling up in a Nardo.
  7. VW can get away in overseas with producing at a lower quality, looking at the domestic competition
  8. Pretty much. You can probably add south america to that as well. Come to think of it, what are VWs like in Australia? Is reliability a problem in all of VW's overseas markets, or is it limited to the Americas?
  9. Domestic brands maybe, but Honda and Toyota both build cars here and don't suffer VW's issues.
  10. That's what I said and there are still plenty of people with anti-japdevil sentiments
  11. Oh hey valet parker at big corporation dont scratch my golf cuz i gotta sign a multimillion dolla deal and then bang a supermodel
  12. I fail to comprehend how people could have that sentiment but still buy a German VW. That said, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who do.
  13. vw gettin all the nanny
  14. Not too sure. Simmo has a Golf. Ask him.
  15. It's the same people that are against Korean cars in our generation.
  16. Like woot
  17. thats not really for social reasons though. korean cars used to be paper thin piles of crap until maybe 10 years ago.
  18. yeah ok, but so were the japanese ones (rust, weak suspension, etc) up until the early-mid 80s
  19. Fanny

    Brp exhangnng both subs for a gti

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