2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series Spied

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    If the SLS AMG wasn’t quite enough for you, Mercedes-Benz won’t disappoint with the new SLS AMG Black Series. The Black Series is rumored to hit showrooms sometime next year, and our photographers were lucky enough to snap some spy photos of Mercedes-Benz’s newest flagship.

    The Black Series is going to be an amazingly powerful car, putting out over 600 hp and making roughly 500 ft. lb. of torque. The car will likely make use of a re-tooled version of the 6.2-liter V8 sporting new cams and higher compression pistons to squeeze more juice of the regular SLS motor. In addition the Black Series will lose 110lbs. and receive some aerodynamic tweaks to enhance the cars performance. All of these improvements should take the 0-60 time down to around 3.5 seconds.

    The Black Series we see in these photos receives larger wheels, huge front fenders and a serious snarl in the styling on the front end of the car. Larger air intakes are visible as well to feed the beast with a high air flow.

    Expect the SLS AMG Black Series to come out next year, and to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $405,000.

  2. 50kg OMG NO WAY!!1!
  3. it's almost a Lotus Elise now!
  4. I want a Black Series SLS Roadster.
  5. will probably cost as much as a 458
  6. i assume the $405,000 in that article is a typo
  7. Probably, but on the other hand it wouldn't surprise me too much. Depends how limited they're going to make the production.
  8. The Black Series cars seem to have prices that match their performance and rarity, so not too surprising. The 110-pound weight loss is pretty impressive; makes you wonder where the standard car is hiding all that fat.
  9. 110 pounds impressive? what
  10. this
  11. Ferrari is weak and greasy anyway.
  12. 110 Lbs imoressive?
  13. id like to see you guys lose 115lbs
  14. If your girlfriend was 110 you'd find her impressive !
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    Great news though it's a shame it's that expensive !
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    New video at the ring.


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