2013 Nissan Pathfinder Images, Specs Released

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    Nissan has just taken the wraps off of its handsome new 2013 Pathfinder, touting 30-per cent better gas mileage, svelter unibody construction and room for seven people.

    Built on the same platform as the Infiniti JX luxury utility that's already on sale, the Pathfinder hopes to make a serious comeback as it drops its body-on-frame packaging for a unibody. It may lose some of its ruggedness, but that's okay by Nissan, as they say it's not what its buyers really wanted.

    "The majority of our customers just don't go off road," says Tom Smith, director of SUV marketing at Nissan. "They're concerned with gas mileage, all-weather capabilities and having enough space for their families."

    Indeed, most carmakers are turning their once top-selling sport utilities into unibody people haulers – witness the Ford Explorer. Others, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Honda Pilot have always maintained unibody roots. In the case of a vehicle like the Pathfinder, the switch should result in improved ride, packaging and weight at the expense of towing capacity and off-road capability.

    Changing the Pathfinder's architecture allowed Nissan to shed 500 pounds (227 kg) and achieve 11.7L/100km (20 mpg) in the city and 9L/100km (26 mpg) on the highway in the front-wheel drive model, which weighs in at 4,149 pounds (1,882-kg). The all-wheel drive model (which adds 100 pounds or 45-kg) will get 12.3L/100km (19 mpg) in the city and 9.4L/100km (25 mpg) on the highway.

    Powered by Nissan's 260-horsepower, 3.5-litre DOHC V6, the Pathfinder still has enough muscle to tow 5,000 pounds (last year's V8 model could tug up to 7,000). It will use Nissan's next-generation CVT as well, which improves gas mileage through increased ratio spread and lowered internal friction. Available amenities will include heated and cooled seats, Around-View Monitor and Easy-Fill Tire Alert.

    Nissan hasn't announced pricing, but we'll be the first to know when it arrives later this year.

    Read press release here: http://ca.autoblog.com/2012/08/03/2013-nissan-pathfinder-images-specs-released-w-video/
  2. serious offroad vehicle
  3. nice boring useless peice of shit
  4. Gross as hell.

    Also Nissan interiors are like the GM of imports to me.
  5. GM interiors are better actually.
  6. it looks like a chinese rx350 knockoff
  7. Looks like a Toyota now. Thats never a compliment.
  8. The GT-R and 370Z are the only cool Nissans left.
  9. "Hey, lets take one of our best, most capable vehicles and make it a little less capable. Because 'that's not what our buyers really wanted'".

    If your buyers wanted a Kia Sorrento, they'd buy a #$%#ing Kia Sorrento.
  10. been starting to dislike nissans a lot lately. still like the way anything with the vq feels but nissan needs to update their design language and take some chances.

    but mostly i just really hate the sentra
  11. does it have zero gravity seats also?
  12. would love to find some paths in that
  13. very nice car design.
  14. cool minivan bros
  15. qft
  16. I could see a bunch of these scattered around the parking lot of my local Sam's Club/Costco. Richmom's wet dream.
  17. its not an RX###
  18. I can't remember, but I don't think ajzahn would have posted this article
    also I have no idea why I #$%#ing hate Nissan so much, but I really do
  19. They said it was handsome, THEY LIED.
  20. 4,149lbs of disappointment.
  21. all the lameness of a toyota w none of the quality?
  22. speaking of shitty asain cars; wtf does mistubishi make

    i cant name one car they still produce
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    I was gonna bring up the Gallant and how it seems like every single one is driven by a black person, for whatever reason. Then I look on Mitsubishis website and click the "Accolades" section for said car, and I lih'd

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    That is awesome. Except it's wrong, that award needs to go to the dodge avenger.

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