2013 Porsche 911 GT3 Spy Photos are Clearest Yet

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    The slew of spy photos featuring the 2013 Porsche 911 GT3 came in today giving the clearest picture to date of the upcoming car.

    Featuring a naturally aspirated flat six engine expected to make 450 hp, the newest 911 will be a stronger performer than the outgoing model. As any driving enthusiast knows, a powerful engine doesn’t mean much without the equipment to keep it on track, which is something Porsche has long been known for doing well.

    While the mantra won’t change at all, the car will have the large rear wing that was absent from the test mules until very recently. Showing off the longer wheelbase of the 991 chassis, it also has a front spoiler and air outlet to create additional downforce for the nose at high speeds.

    Porsche claims the new 911 Carrera S with the optional Sport Chrono Package can lap the Nurburgring a the same time as the current 997 GT3. That said, the new GT3′s time should be blistering.

  2. still miss the 996 GT3 mk1

    although this looks pretty damn clean
  3. which many claim is one of the best 911s ever. personally i'll take the looks of the 997 gt3 over that and (maybe) this one.

    really hope it has a manual
  4. it will.
  5. Yessss love that version
  6. the other day i saw the new 911 from behind, looks pretty good, also 996 has ugly headlights
  7. never cared for the 996.

    997 gt3 is sexy as hell though.

    i hope this has a manual and doesn't have electric steering.
  8. ugh, cant believe you guys like 996... terrible.
    those headlights make me want to vomit everytime i see them.

    997.2 is gorgeous... so far what ive seen of the 991 is looking good as well, but not sure which i like more. really need to see a 997 turbo and 991 turbo side-by-side in person to know for sure.
  9. I agree with this post, the 996 was by far the worst looking 911 generation.
  10. Don't think the 996's are ugly, but the headlights makes them look really dated.
  11. I think the 996GT3's bodykit looks the tackiest. The side sills look like something Pep Boys would sell.
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    http://pistonheads.com/doc.asp?c=52&i=26071 interesting read
  13. Any ideas of when it will be in the showrooms?
  14. i actually don't really mind the headlights of the 996. it's just that the car's proportions are completely off. way too much overhang. and agree with amgrulz about the sideskirts. they look horrible. same goes for the wing.
  15. i think that was lukes favourite car of all time

    ban request
  16. lol of course it will have electric steering

    it probably wont even have a manual but will be cool anyways
  17. sorry the sideskirts and rear wing are the best features for the 996 GT3 mk1 imo. headlights are imo the cleanest since the 993.

    honestly you can toss all the other 996s in the landfill, the GT3 mk1 just has perfect curves to me in a way that other 911s dont. to each his own.

    and im speaking strictly in looks, nothing about performance or engineering or the car id actually own if given the resources
  18. gt3 are always the best looking 911's since they started doing the gt3 thing
    none beat 993 turbo though
  19. agreed. 993 turbo is the best looking porsche ever made
  20. 996 gt3 is kinda ugly

    996 turbo and c4s look way better
  21. whats cleaner than round shaped? all porsche has those headlights expect 996
  22. it sits too low!
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  24. pdk noooo! I hope that if they're developing the PDK with it that it will remain an option as opposed to going the ferrari route and doing away with manuals all together.
  25. Remove all the PDK from the Prosschee and put it in my WRX for #$%#s sake

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