2013 SRT Viper GTS Dyno'd By Edmunds

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    First-time dynamometer runs for any production car are interesting business, at least for those with "car nerd" in their resumes. And the virgin public dyno testing of a new supercar like the SRT Viper GTS, well, that's just a bit o' heaven right there. So, when we heard that the number crunchers at Edmunds had gotten the new Viper into the test facility, we were hooked right away.

    We won't spoil the video for you by blowing the ending right here, but suffice it to say that the SRT 8.4-litre V10, rated at 640 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque at the crank, is still pretty super by the time the power makes its way to those wide rear tires.

    Click here to watch this SRT snake in action:
  2. Of all the things to go digital in cars that I oppose, I actually like that style gauge cluster quite a bit. I like this car so far
  3. that glitchy looking snake shift light thing is cheesy as hell
  5. 558hp @ 6150rpm....

    can i meh at that?
  6. Yeah barely enough power to merge on the highway. Every car needs at least 850hp
  7. those numbers are kinda disappointing compared to the ZR1 tho.

    and that's basically what this car is about.
  9. LF-A>this.
  10. Meh more than enough power for anybody on the road
  11. thats not the point. esp if it's 80hp less than advertised
  12. afaik advertised figures are horsepower at the crank. 558wrhp would mean that the drivetrain loss would be under 13%. I I'm no expert* but that figure sounds too low to me. They may be saying that they're more powerful than advertised - over 650hp.

    *someone correct me if i'm wrong. honestly not confident enough to say for sure
  13. fair enough, a stock ZR1 dynos at 558ish as well....

  14. The previous gen was rated at 600 HP and dyno'ed at around 530 RWHP. About 12% parasitic loss. The magic is said to be due to the Tremec TR6060 transmission, which is supposed to be very efficient in terms of low loss.

    This is the same transmission the ZR1 Vette uses.
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  16. That's interesting. I'd have expected 14% or 15% - but then again I don't know a lot on this subject. thanks
  17. They're all rules of thumb anyway. The figures are as different as drivetrains are. FF transaxle setup with no final rear end gear vs AWD with its multiple diffs and/or transfer case vs RWD with either a front transmission or a rear transmission, having a torque converter, etc. Overbuilt drivetrains made to handle more power can lose a little more than a relatively simple cogset from a 1.4L, too.
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