2014 Chevrolet Corvette News and Info.

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  1. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    agreed. let;s get some innovation here boys.
  2. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    Sort of. In the 70s there was a high output Gen 1 "high output" LT-1.
    Then in the early 90s there was the LT1 in the corvette.
    I dont know why they are bringing back the LT1 designation now.
  3. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    They should use LR
    R means RACING and fast
    People respond to that
  4. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    or EF1, energy efficient 1 and it could be electric motor or hydregen powered fuel motor. With an advanced plastic frame car like a corvette, it would be silly NOT to use an efficient motor.

    I bet it would sell real good.
  5. Is this the new C7 Corvette?
  6. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    kinda reminds me of the F12
  7. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    Historical references aside, I would bet it's as simple as T comes after S. The previous "generation" of Small Block Chevys were the LS family of engines so the next generation is the LT series.
  8. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    but then how do you explain LT engines of the 80s?
  9. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    The same way you explain gm from the 80s, you can't
  10. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    That method of naming doesn't have to have been used by GM forever, it could just be what they're doing now.
  11. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    i dont think gm ever had a naming convention..

  12. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    they did but they held it at the courtyard by mariott off the interstate and it was a bunch of fat guys in ties and short sleeves pretending they knew about cars
  13. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    Alphonses favorite hotel, a place where he can just wind down
  14. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    should call it LU

    U for Unoriginal

  15. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    "Ah, a Courtyard Marriot"
    *turns on indicator light, changes lane 7 times to get to the offramp*
    *follows winding curve and a series of signs/road changes*
    *drives 4km through massive parking lot*
    "Hmm, this place is great! There's a Wal Mart! An AppleBees! Wow, I guess I'll get in my car and go to these places later."
    *Enters Marriott*
    "Hello Sir How Are You Today?! *HUGE SMILE*"
    "Hello, I'm just fantastic. I'd like a room!"
    "Would You Like Our King Bed Combo Package With Breakfast Package?"
    "Sounds Great! Here is my rewards card"
    *tap tap tap at keyboard*
    *Places rewards card onto the MDF plastic veneered counter*
    *Stares at funky modern MDF furniture and plastic veneered décor*
    *Gazes out automatic double door vestibule at vast open parking lot*
    *Major highway/interstate can be seen and heard in the distance*
    *A hazy smog/fog covers the horizon*
    *Stucco / EIFS clad low rise buildings and big box stores dot the immediate surroundings*
    "Where is the courtyard exactly?"
  16. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    I don't like it
  17. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    Will be the Jalopnik renders from way back. Hate the rear, like the rest...

  18. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    I actually like the back. The rest could do without so many of the lines and louvers and shit.
  19. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    Looks almost like a Nissan GTR with a bodykit.
  20. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    #$%# those shitty american reflectors.
  21. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    I can see GTR from the profile. Especially where the C pillar meets the waistline.
  22. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    who cares it wont look like that anyway
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  24. Is this the new C7 Corvette?

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    Is this the new C7 Corvette?

    2014 Corvette Leaked, Rear End Revealed

    New images of the upcoming 2014 Chevrolet Corvette have hit the the web today, showing off the rear end of the car in detail, as well as some of the interior bits.

    The images surfaced on a forum, and are allegedly from a user’s guide for the car. The member who posted the photos cannot vouch for their authenticity, but the images do seem to match up to what we have seen of the car so far from other leaks.

    The photos reveal the quad tailpipe setup of the car, as well as the interesting new taillight design. A shot from the rear of the car with the trunk open reveals what might be a small back seat, though it is hard to tell for sure.

    The forum member who posted the shots suggests that the car will come with active engine sound management, with different settings such as auto, stealth, city, tour, sport, track or off. They also suggest that manual transmission equipped Corvette’s will have an active rev matching function, though these claims cannot be confirmed. Finally, the forum suggests that a performance data recorder will also be included on the Corvette that can capture video, audio and vehicle data, and can be accessed on an SD card.

    Shots of the interior give away a few secrets as well. There are center mounted buttons for heated and cooled seats as expected, along with steering wheel mounted controls for the stereo, Bluetooth phone, info cluster controls and cruise control along with paddle shifters. Another close up image of the info screen tells us that there will be a track telematics system in the car, that will deliver information to the driver on a digital screen found beside the tachometer. It will show information like lap times, a small GPS map of the track with the car’s position, G forces, gear selection, and 0-60 times.

    The looks of the car are still mostly a mystery, but we have already seen the heart of the new Vette, a 6.2-liter small block LT1 V8 making more than 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque.

    The new Corvette will be officially unveiled one day before the 2013 Detroit Auto Show media days begin, on January 13, 2013.


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