2014 Chevrolet Volt Getting 2.0L Turbo: Rumor

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  1. Current specs have the gasoline engine at 83hp (probably tuned for max mpg), and the electric motor at 149hp/273lb ft. The lion's share of the Volt's power comes from a charge station, and the petrol engine only runs when it needs to.

    Whatever the case, am I the only one who thinks the Volt will actually be decently quick when it runs out of electrons?
  2. very good .
  3. Yeah, you're probably the only one. This thing is heavy and 150hp isn't that much to move the thing.
  4. 220 to 270hp
  5. i like em
  6. Der Obamawagon

  7. I saw the Vauxhall/Opel version yesterday. I actually quite like the way they look in real.
  8. ITT, people who have never driven a Volt.

    The Volt is a reasonably quick car, as it's electric motor makes max torque at 0 rpm. It'll blaze the tires easily if you hit the throttle hard enough on takeoff. With it's low CG, it's also kind of fun to drive in the twisties. GM took extra car to make the Volt a real car, not just an overgrown golf cart.

    And yes, the gas engine does kick in to help the electric motor at high speeds (above 100mph, not 80, and also going up maountains). It's not really a Super Prius, as it stil ldoes't connect directly, it locks up the connection between the gas engine, the generator, and the electric motor. But it still ALWAYS runs on the electric motor, unlike ANY Prius, including the new Plug In Prius.

    For someone like me, the Volt is the perfect commuter, in that for 90% of driving, I'd only be using the electric motor, and running off of batteries, charging up at night whern electricity costs less. So basically about $2 a week in commuting costs. BUT, unlike, say, a Leaf or other pure electric car, I COULD drive from Baltimore to Connecticut without having to stop and recharge. I calculated it out and for my normal use, the use my MINI gets, I'd average about 900 mpg.

    And the lease rate on the car is great. $299/mo in California, and where I am, it's $349/mo. That compares favorably with the lease rates and loan rates of other mid size sedans that are equally equipped (and abrely more than the lease on my MINI). The difference is, I could cut out about $200-250 a month in gasoliine expenses, while only increasing my electric bill by about $10 a month.

    Which is why my wife and I are seriously considering replacing the MINI with a Volt.
  9. Do it.
  10. I wonder if it's a good autocrosser
  11. Well, the guys at Grassroots Motorsports Magazine have one that they will be doing long term testing with, so we'll see if it's good or not.
  12. except it's not. It was started back before Obama got in, and only took so long because of the global credit crunch of 2007. Cars take longer than 3 years to go from concept to production with a NORMAL product cycle, and this one, with much more involved tech, has been in the works since the middle of BUSH II's reign. The automotive bailouts were started under Bush II, as well, so you could easily say that this is a Bushmobile, and be as accurate.

    Except that neither one of them actually had anything to do with it.
  13. lol

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