2014 Toyota 4Runner

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  1. Looking to trade my gti in for something bigger, preferably an SUV. Thoughts?
  2. The current version.
  3. These are good units and they hold their value. I wouldn't mind the current gen as I find the new revision looks terrible. Even then the previous version of the current gen looks loads better.

    If you can afford it then get on it.
  4. There good, but a Nissan Pathfinder can be had for significantly less and is just about as good.
  5. except the Pathfinder is a hollow, sad excuse of it's former glory while the 4Runner is actually a much smarter purchase now more than ever.

    current version looks better. those vents and headlights are too intense
  6. I want this gen, so I can buy this bumper and stuff some tires under the fenders. No one makes solid aftermarket bumpers for my truck. Two companies make tube bumpers and well one does make bumpers but they are shit when it comes to quality.

    Love this stance, and want it on my truck. Almost there, but still far way.
  7. I really like the new look, the 13' looks pretty bland to me. If the current model is anything to go by then it will cost me 50-60k for the trail edition. I could probably get a good deal with a trade in with my current car. Right now, 11' GTIs with the same milage and options as me go for around 20-25 on autotrader. So by the time the new 4Runner is out and I'm ready for the switch I think I could get at least 15-20k for a trade in.

    Also, I don't find Pathfinders or any Nissans in general appealing at all. Actually, I can't think of any SUVs that I would rather have either, because now they are all just mostly crossovers. I wish the FJ cruiser came with 4 doors ;_;

  8. I was of course refering to the past generation Pathfinder with actual off-road credentials and not the aborted minivan currently masquerading under the Pathfinder nameplate. I thought that went without saying. Alternately: Nissan Xterra.
  9. Xterras have zero appeal for me. The whole thing looks dated, no wonder it is cheaper.
  10. Well, that's because it *is* dated. But you can pick up decent used versions for half what an equivalent 4Runner is going for. There's just no goddamn reason to pay that much for a used truck, even if it is a Toyota.
  11. there really good trucks from what I hear from owners , but the interior and what you get for what you pay kinda makes me scratch my head
  12. I am torn between this and a 14' Tundra with the TRD Off road package. The Tundra will cost more but I also own an ATV and snowmobile so with those in mind the Tundra would be better. Too bad the Tundra will cost well over 50k (probably around 60) with the options I want for it.

    I test drove a Tundra yesterday and it was really nice, it was the crew max but the box was tiny. I would prefer a double cab with a 6.5' box. Still waiting for the new 4Runners to be delivered which should be any day now.

    edit: I also discovered yesterday at the dealership that the red one in the media pics is the trail edition, last gen I think they all had black plastic bumpers which I thought were really ugly.
  13. Does the new Tundra actually have a proper frame under it? Working in the oil fields I have seen countless Tundras rattle themselves to death. The older generations just werent "tough"
    They drove nice but that was about it. They were stupid expensive for what you got and couldnt take the abuse of the American trucks. Same goes for the Titan.
  14. A 15' 4Runner TRD Pro will be in my driveway come fall time.
  15. They're pretty pricey now, starting at $32k for a base SR5. The Trail model starts at $35k, which is pushing into used Land Rover LR4 territory and that's a full-time 4WD body-on-frame truck with way more features than a 4Runner.

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