2014 Winter Olympics

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Archaeopteryx, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Not long left now. Who here will be watching and what sports?
  2. Not sure I want to see athletes being bombed?
  3. Being finnish obviously hockey, but I'll watch just about any sport except that doping infested cross-country skiing.
  4. Speedskating and icehockey mainly.

  5. Ice hockey for sure. Canada going for gold!
  6. gonna watch the shit out of curling again. honestly, probably nothing else.
  7. Much more interesting than summer olympics btw
  8. Agreed
  9. Largely don't care, I watch the highlights.
  10. You're not a true Canadian. You're suppose to cheer for your home country.
  11. meh, Olympics are boring
  12. Not sure if we even get it on TV. There is not winter here.
  13. I will mostly be watching hockey and curling
  14. I have a feeling we're going to tank this year.

    I shall be watching much of this olympics
  15. Have you seen our roster? It's stack!
    The only team that I'm afraid of is Sweden.
  16. Sucks that we didn't get the older Koivu but I like our roster even if it may not be as impressive as Sweden, Canada and Russia. Teamwork is the key.
  17. oh look it's woot
  18. Apart from the 100m sprint, theres nothing interesting about the summer olympics. Pretty much everything apart from curling and langlaufing is awesome in the winter olympics
  19. word
  20. Jamaikan bobsleight team and speed skating.
  21. Did they get enough funding to make it?
  22. yes but most of them are whiney #%[email protected] that moan and don't play well if they don't get their way.
  23. Can't wait to see if the Canadian MILF curling team has kept it
  24. hockey, figure skating. the rest is boring

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