2014 Winter Olympics

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  1. And you're not a true Soviet.

  2. Whatever sports I can catch between stints at work.
  3. Since when I'm a Soviet?
  4. With your metric system and socialist healthcare, how are you not?
  5. You have a point, but still...
  6. Yep. It's going to be awesome.
  7. Since never. It's just that getting overly excited and nationalistic about sports is mainly for plebs and the most extreme forms of "cheering for your own team" results in things like football hooliganism.
  8. So does anybody care to explain why this is happening in Russia's warmest city, which according to Wikipedia only goes below freezing twice a year on average? Will there be snow?
  9. Snowboard slopestyle finals noe. Perfect conditions. Great course. Nice scenery. Good olympics so far.
  10. Norway has its first gold. Now the olympics have really started.
  11. Ice skating about to start. First gold medal here we go
  12. Haha, gold, silver and bronze within the first few hours. Congtars on the silver.
  13. Ugh. Bronze for Canada

    Its just after second place...
  14. gold, silver, bronze

  15. Oh yeah biathlon sprint, exciting.
  16. biatlon is not a sport
  17. Its exciting as #$%#.
  18. Time difference is 9 hours. Won't be watching much, I guess...
  19. if you're off this weekend just convert back to your 20's weekend time schedule.
  20. 1920's...
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    Just saw this on Channel 4 over here


  22. 1820's...

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    Here we go again............

    Canadian coach shrugs off reports of vote-swapping by figure-skating judges

    A figure skating scandal could be brewing at the Sochi Olympics, but Canada's head coach insists he's confident the judging will be fair.

    Twelve years after the scandal that rocked the Salt Lake Olympics, French newspaper L'Equipe has reported that Russian judges would help keep Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir off the top of the podium, in favour of Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

    In exchange, the American judges would help Russia win gold in the new team event, according to L'Equipe.

    Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/sochi/canadian-coach-shrugs-off-reports-of-vote-swapping-by-figure-skating-judges-1.1676930#ixzz2skdP9lKp
  24. Olympics, Tour de France... all bs. Let's get into the Coliseum and gladitor some convicts.

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