2014 Winter Olympics

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  1. the second I come to power I'm making you minister of prisons
  2. TSCM and Drano have the right ideas.
  3. I'll probably watch some speed skating, skiing, boarding, sliding sports, etc. I don't think I'll really FOLLOW anything too much, but I'll probably watch whatever's on. I gots my TV set up now, so I can bust it out in HD.
  4. It was awesome to watch two local girls winning the first gold and silver medals together for Canada.

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  5. yeah you rock man
  6. Dammit! That what happens when I type and post here without my glasses on.
  7. Check your PM.
  8. Old person joke
  9. Though the older one of the sisters who didn't medal I think is the hottest one of the three.
  10. "I'm so proud of Justine and Chloe; and Maxime is also present at this interview."
  11. those canadian sisters are pretty hawt
  12. By the way, they actually opened a new channel dedicated solely for the winter games. It's free and we've been watching some sports that we don't understand.
  13. The Netherlands are dominating the skating events. And in the summer olympics they were good at land hockey. Why can't they combine these and play ice hockey?
  14. Ive always wondered this myself as well
  15. Because Canada, Scandinavia, Russia, and the US.
  16. yeah but still, i don't think theres even a national competition here.
  17. So start one yourself.
  18. French-Canadian women = always hawt.
  19. Gentlemen,

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  20. Sure, they might not be winning medals any time soon. But there are plenty of non-contention countries who manage to qualify regularly (Latvia, France, Norway, Germany, Denmark, etc).

    Italy will be competing for the World Championship this year, for God's sake.
  21. Yo man, i gotta say right now im so lazy i dont even feel like getting up and going to the washroom to take a piss. It's too much work.
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  23. But i made the effort and took the piss, now that's effort. Getting up and walking to the washroom.
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  25. Nottingham has an Ice Hockey team

    The Panthers! I live a 5 min walk from the arena.

    I have never been.

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