2014 Winter Olympics

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  1. You should go.

    He says, living 15 minutes from a hockey arena and having never been.
  2. Lol check it out. It's a useful cut through if you don't wanna walk around it
  3. Just saw the opening ceremony on iPlayer, and it was pretty amazing.
  4. lol, yeah they're usually cute, but at 24 they start to look like they're 42
    and then it seems they all permanently move to all-inclusive 3 star hotels in cuba where they continuously dye their hair with peroxide and prey upon equally drunken fat dudes in their 50's
    Quebecougars are as bad as eastern european women 'from the regions'
  5. sounds great
  6. I would double-wrap
  7. I once saw a thing about a cricket league in South Central LA, a bunch of former gang members playing cricket as a way of staying out of trouble.

    They even had a rap song about it called "From gats to bats"
  8. The curling has started well for the Swedish teams. The men won against Switzerland and Scotland today and the women also won against Scotland.
  9. Well Canada is pwning hard

    NL @ skating too damn
  10. only thing were good at lol
  11. we're still head to head for pos 1 and 2 :p
  12. Yeah, but at least you're really, REALLY good at it.
  13. Read an article today that attempted to answer the question: why is Norway still so successful at the Winter Olympics?

    Answer: focus in sports the United States doesn't care about.
  14. This is not true at all.
  15. Also, excellent geography for the Winter Olympics.
  16. don't waste your time with this jogging-pants wearer
  17. The Winter Olympics (much more than the Summer Olympics) is also highly dependent on wealth. Training facilities for winter sports are generally much, much more expensive than summer sports. Sliding tracks only exist in Western Europe, North America, Japan, and now Sochi. Ditto on ski jumping hills and speed skating rinks, with a few exceptions. And ski resorts that can afford to groom their hills into half-pipes and downhill courses.
  18. Absolutely. While a few of the summer sports are very expensive, or require specific geography (and thus often travel, lodging, facilities, etc.), almost all the winter sports require expensive, specialized equipment and specific practicing locations.

    I think cyclecross and XC should be added to the winter program. I'd love watching world-class runners just slog though the shit for half an hour.
  19. Haha, that's awesome. Someone should sponsor them to go play exhibition (or even competition, if they're good enough yet) in a commonwealth (or former commonwealth) nation.
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  21. They could get rid of some shit that combines disciplines. Like you aren't the best in discipline so you mix two.
    Super combined, nordic combined, team figure skating etc. Also women's hockey is stupid when US and Canada only win. Women's ski jumping? How many legitimate female athletes have the facilities and are in this to make it legitimately competitive???
  22. Yeah, but biathalon #$%#in rules.
  23. yes keep biathlon. If they combine it with figure skating tho I'd be steaming <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  24. Target shooting while completing a figure skating routine. No stopping allowed. Points for incorporating both elements into a single seamless routine.
  25. This sounds better then both. Lets eliminate biathlon and figure skating into this new sport.

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