2015 Ford Focus Pics Out Ahead Of Geneva Debut

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    In case you haven't been paying attention, Ford has been gradually redesigning its lineup to sport a familiar face. The Aston Martin-inspired grille shape debuted on the Fusion and was soon applied to the Fiesta. Even the front end of the new Mustang takes its cues from the same, and we're sure other models will soon be made-over to fall in line. The next on the docket? The 2015 Focus.

    Set to be unveiled in little over a week at the Geneva Motor Show, the revised Focus has leaked out a tad early, revealing a mild facelift that bears that same trapezoidal grille with horizontal slats. Along with the new grille, the headlights, lower fascia and hood appear to have been reshaped. Around back there appears to be a new rear bumper and taillights, but otherwise the shape remains largely the same as the current model.

    Expect the updates to be applied to all bodystyles offered around the world, including the hatchback, wagon and sedan. The engine lineup is expected to carry over largely unchanged, though the plug-in hybrid powertrain from the C-Max Energi could port over to the revised Focus. Plus Ford seems to have taken the opportunity to spruce things up in the cabin some.

  2. Pics wagon model
  3. wagon looks pretty good for the first time ever
  4. I'll take my estate with a 1.0 ecoboost please
  5. Looks great and yes that 1.0 ecoboost engine is apparently very good.
  6. Very nice. Did I hear Hammond say on TopGear that the block of the 1.0 can fit on a sheet of paper?
  7. wow that wagon looks great
  9. That Awesome! Thanks for the pics James.
  10. no problemo

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