2015 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang Will Blow Your Mind

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    First Mustang with Flat-Plane Crankshaft, MagneRide Dampers

    The wait is finally over. After months of spy shots, rumour and innuendo, Ford has officially pulled the wraps off its new 2015 Shelby GT350. Judging by the spec sheet and the promises being made – especially that the Shelby GT350 will be "an all-day track car that's also street legal" – the wait appears to have been worth it.

    First things first: The new Shelby GT350 will launch with a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V8 engine that uses a flat-plane crankshaft, a first for a production V8 from Ford. (Read more about what makes a flat-plane crankshaft different here). We don't have confirmed information on power levels, other than a promise of "more than 500 horsepower" and "a torque peak above 400" pound-feet. Ford further says the engine will be a "high-revving" V8, though no actual redline is revealed. A six-speed manual gearbox and Torsen limited-slip differential will be standard, while an engine oil cooler and transmission cooler will be available as part of a Track Pack.

    Ford has stiffened the GT350's chassis even more than the standard Mustang GT, which is already the stiffest in the company's history, with an injection-molded carbon fiber composite grille opening and optional lightweight tower-to-tower brace. Those bits, coupled with a wider front track and recalibrated spring rates and bushings, plus a lowered ride height, will pay handling dividends. But we're more excited by Ford's first use of MagneRide dampers, which continually adjust to match road conditions and driver demands.

    Aluminum wheels – 19-inches in diameter and measuring 10.5 inches wide in front and 11.0 inches at the rear – will be shod in a custom set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, and two-piece, cross-drilled rotors with Brembo six-piston calipers in front and four-piston in the rear, round out the rolling stock quite nicely.

    Keen-eyed readers will note that all the bodywork ahead of the windshield is completely new for the Shelby GT350, and it's been kept as low and tight around the engine as possible to reduce drag, increase downforce and look ridiculously cool, likely in that order. A lower front splitter scoops air at the front and works with a contoured belly pan and rear lip spoiler to manage airflow, and the widened aluminum front fenders feature vents to remove air from the wheel wells. Also, they look rather mean, which is a good thing.

    Recaro front seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel seem appropriate for track-day excursions, as do the deletion of several chrome or bright sunlight-glinting trim pieces inside the cabin. Ford says its driver control system will feature five different modes that adjust anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control, steering effort, throttle mapping, MagneRide tuning and exhaust settings. Oh, and speaking of that exhaust, Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer, Ford Global Performance Vehicles, wants you to know that the GT350's flat-plane V8 is going to sound mean, too.

    "Make no mistake, this is an American interpretation of a flat-plane crankshaft V8, and the 5.2-litre produces a distinctive, throaty howl from its four exhaust tips," said Hameedi.

  2. if this finally has IRS I'll be thrilled
  3. It does have IRS.
  4. Is this intended as a ZL1 competitor?
  5. Flat-plane crank? High-revving? Despite this, I'm going to guess it won't sound like a Ferrari.

    What it will sound like is a TVR AJP V8 (Cerbera etc), which is a fantastic thing.
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    Sounds really nice!

  8. this is the first mustang made since the Mustang R I'd actually want to own.
  9. i completely agree. flat plane 5.2 high revver, drooooooool

    now that it has IRS, and with the improved weight bias (52f/48r i think) this will be a very capable track machine, cant wait.
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    at :48s and :58s it definitely sounds like its a high revver, prolly peak power by 7500 and 7800 redline or something. i doubt it has individual throttle bodies but if it does that would be a killer package.
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    Read somewhere it's a 8000 redline
  12. I just saw "8000+". Haven't seen anything confirmed.
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    yah seems like you guys read right. that would make one hell of a crate engine. we dont know the stroke yet, well i couldnt find any specs on the engine, but generally flat plane cranks have lower stroke, so this is prolly a bored but destroked engine which would make sense for high rpm.


    "SVT is known to be working on a flat-plane crankshaft for the “Voodoo” engine. The lower rotating mass with such a setup should allow this V-8 to rev past 8000 rpm and deliver about 550 horsepower"
  14. this is the first mustang in years that actually looks good
  15. All 2015 Mustangs have IRS. Even the 4 cylinder ones.
  16. Starting price is going to be about 52k
  17. Still don't like the rear end. But agree first mustand in a long while that might be worth a look
  18. i wonder what i would get for trade in and what my monthly payments would be if i financed the rest.

    this thing has me really interested. that engine and package reminds me of a GT3ish type car. I love the idea.
  19. i wonder what i would get for trade in and what my monthly payments would be if i financed the rest.

    this thing has me really interested. that engine and package reminds me of a GT3ish type car. I love the idea.
  20. Amazing Asian I am totally agree with you.
  21. 52k is what I paid for my truck. With a couple grand down I pay about 550 a month. Depends on trade value money down and the length of term. Ford and gm will finance up to 96 months now. Well up here anyways.
  22. 96 months is pretty crazy. You'd struggle to find car finance over more than 60 months here
  23. wtf 96 months, that's insane
  24. Yes it is. They are actually advertising their 2014 gmc clearcut sale. 96months with 0.09% Apr with 2500$ down. And for an extra 2500$ they will extent the warranty to 9 years and 200k kms.

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