2015 Genesis Sedan Leaked

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  1. Hyundai Motor Company today announced that its ‘HTRAC’ all-wheel drive system will be made available for the first time on the all-new Genesis, the second generation of Hyundai’s first premium rear-wheel drive sedan set to make its world debut in its home market later this year.

    The ‘H’ stands for ‘Hyundai’ indicating its brand heritage, and ‘TRAC’ is a shortened form of the word ‘Traction,’ which represents technical attributes of the all-wheel drive system. The advanced HTRAC system electronically controls torque split between the front and rear axles depending on road and driving conditions, offering greater stability on slippery roads and in corners.

    “Hyundai Motor’s HTRAC system has secured best-in-class durability and driving performance through strict tests carried out in various locations worldwide, including the famed Nürburgring in Germany, the Yeongam F1 circuit in Korea and in severe winter tests in Europe,” said Woong-Chul Yang, Vice Chairman and head of Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Center. “We expect our customers to feel world-class safety and driving performance in the all-new Genesis equipped with the HTRAC system.”

    Unlike mechanical AWD system with limited torque split between front and rear wheels, Hyundai’s HTRAC system allows drivers to select driving modes for a sophisticated and tailored driving experience.

    Starting with the second-generation Genesis, Hyundai plans to apply the HTRAC system to more of its models and aims to strengthen its premium, high-tech brand image by continuing brand efforts such as featuring the HTRAC badge on the trunk lid of the Genesis.

    - Also confirmed for the 2015 Sedan, Hyundai's 3.3L Turbo GDI V6 producing 395 BHP through a 10-speed automatic.
  2. lol 10-speed
  3. 7-8 speed are the sweet spot. My 8-speed ZF is the best mechanical device ever built.
  4. Side shot.
  5. that looks awful
  6. Agreed, but Hyundai has a way of making cars look terrible in photos, but great in real life, ie the facelifted 2013 Genesis Coupe.

    An official video is supposed to be released this week.
  7. i think its overdue. one thing ive learned from biking is that having a good selection of ratios is a nice thing. when youre the motor, you appreciate having the right gear to go to at any moment to suit the situation that allows you to not have to spin out or work too hard. 11 speed is even just starting to hit mid level bikes but due to incompatability problems it wont supplant 10 speed anytime soon, if ever.

    i dont see the downside of having them for cars, except that transmission logevity is a bit of a bigger deal than the minor faff of regular bike drivetrain maintenance or derailleur and chain replacement. still, id take a 10 speed auto in any car of mine if the computer controlling had half a brain.
  8. gross like every hyundai
  9. wow cool car
  10. Can't wait to see it for sale at $8000 two years from now.
  11. wow cool car
  12. Just bought a brand new R-spec. Glad I didn't wait for the new model. I prefer the current styling by far.
  13. Looking at replacing my Coupe with the Sedan R-Spec, how do you like it?
  14. I absolutely love it. Only complaint is that the exhaust is too quiet.
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    2015 Hyundai Genesis Caught Totally Uncovered

    With just two months to go before the official debut at the Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai is putting together some beauty shots of the 2015 Genesis Sedan in action. Fortunately, our spy shooters were on hand, as well, and the result is our best look yet at the all-new sedan from every angle sans camouflage.

    Thanks to previous spy shots and official Hyundai renderings, we already had a good idea about what the face of the new Genesis would look like, but these shots also reveal the sedan's stylish rear end. These new images also show more of the relationship between the next Genesis and the HCD-14 Genesis Concept, including the sloping roofline and the defined body crease that takes a sharp downward angle by the taillights.

    The winged badges (front and rear) on this car indicate that this particular model isn't NA spec, but the "G380 HTRAC" badge on the decklid are telling signs that this sedan is powered by the base V6 engine and is equipped with Hyundai's new HTRAC all-wheel-drive system.

  17. front grill is aweful, looks like a dog nose

    rest is pretty good
  19. thats how u know its not joking
  20. the rear is kinda weird, but the rest looks bretty gud
  21. they just ripped the rear off the current Lexus whatever
  22. All cars have that same rear. Hyundai mazda kia lexus toyota honda ugh
  23. I will stick with my Current Gen.

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