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    Seven years is a long time. For the auto industry, though, seven years is an absolute eternity. Most vehicles receive clean-sheet redesigns within the span of seven years, usually getting a facelift of some sort after year three or four. Not Lincoln.

    Nope, believe it or not, Lincoln has sold the same vehicle since 2007, adding little more than small mechanical tweaks or new paint options. Yes, we're talking about the Navigator, a full-size sport utility vehicle that hasn't felt fresh and competitive for a while. That's now changed, as Lincoln has finally given its SUV a facelift for model year 2015.

    It hasn't changed dramatically, though. This is still a big, luxury-oriented SUV. It's a body-on-frame vehicle, designed to tow and relax in equal measure. After seeing it in person at a closed backgrounder ahead of its Chicago Auto Show debut, we're left wondering if maybe Lincoln still has any business playing in the realm of the Mercedes-Benz GL, Cadillac Escalade and Range Rover. You can make up your own mind on that front. But while you're doing that, have a look below at just what Lincoln has done to freshen the 2015 Navigator.

    Read more here: http://ca.autoblog.com/2014/01/23/2015-lincoln-navigator-redesign-ecoboost-v6/
  2. Just trot Lincoln out behind the barn and put it out of its misery, already.
  3. horrendous
  4. Thats gross, can't wait to see these everywhere black people can be found.
  5. I mean of Cadillac could stage a comeback, then there is also hope for Lincoln, but I guess either invest in it or just put it down.
  6. you know it's bad when even autoblog starts making fun of you
  7. Could be worse. It could have looked like this:
  8. no way. this is the ugliest Navigator ever.

    plz don't forget that this thing probably STARTED the whole luxury SUV barge fad. The original Navigator sold like, a billion units.

    if Lincoln puts up any sort of fight in the future, it's gotta be central around the Navigator being a proper luxury SUV with it's own good distinctive styling.
  9. Do black people still buy them? Does anyone still buy them?
  10. nice Expedition
  11. I only see them as luxury taxis around here, barely
  12. I can't think of a reason anyone would end up with one unless its Tyrone buying it used, but that would mean someone would have to buy it new first. If I ever see a new one on the road, I'm just going to assume the owner either works for Lincoln, or won it on the price is right.

    Lincoln deserves death with all of their missed opportunities to refresh and invigorate as far as interesting concepts that never made it past NAIAS and it's especially puzzling with all of the success Ford has been having with their own lineup.

    They even have a current sedan I think is pretty neat looking - the one with the high rear lights that span the whole rear. The corporate grill they're using has just shoehorned themselves into a generation of 'ehh' vehicles already. Imagine a luxury RWD coupe with the 5.0 or ecoboost and an actually handsome design, it could be an instant A5 competitor, and something to win over the GM faithful who have been waiting for one from Cadillac since their resurgence.

    Whatever though, 40 years of parts bin idiocracy has made me indifferent on whether they survive or not.
  13. and these disgusting things
  14. At work we're actually replacing our town car fleet to those things. They thought about getting black toyota avalons but instead opted for the MKZ or whatever its name is.
  16. I heard Lincoln is planning on putting the Mustang engine in a car soon. Should liven the brand up a bit, but I agree they're continuing to make poor choices.
  17. these go for like 60k too
  18. seriously though,

    If you can't sell an American Full Sized SUV in America, with a stupidly, blindly loyal fanbase, you are shit.
  20. it already looks 8 years old
  21. it's not a huge step forward. my mom likes Lincoln. well that's what she said in 1999
  22. Looks boring and old. they need a homerun.
  23. why dont they lincoln up a ford flex
    i like the flex. that lincoln suv rob posted is hideous. horrible proportions, tacked on styling details
  24. Reminds me of a Subaru Legacy Outback
  25. I love Lincolns.They're just awesome cars.

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