2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Revealed

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by V8stangman, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I actually like the Bangle 5-series. It grew on me, like cancer - but better.
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  3. Thank God this is the new CL. The first thought I had was "holy shit this will be upwards of $200,000 if they place this in front of the CL", which is already like $120,000.

    I love it. With this addition, Benz has my current favorite lineup I think, just in front of the less buttoned up Audi. BMW has become either super hot or confusingly repelling with their 95 different numbered models. I've stopped even trying to keep track of the hierarchy anymore.

  4. not as elegant nor as of high quality as a w126 or a w140 s class
  5. But more elegant than a 1984 Peugout Steel mountain bike.
  6. stick to the topic moron
  7. my mom had a W126

    nice car, built like a tank, but it was a #$%#ing 20 year old car and it felt like a 20 year old car

    I guess if you want to be the top taxi driver in Nigeria then a W126 would be a good choice
  8. Bangle's 5er was great from the nose to the end of the cabin IMO.

    The rear was a cluster#$%#, but the wagon looked decent, if a bit bland at the rear.
  9. If you maintain it properly, it still a nice classic ride. I am not a fan of too many electronics and assistance.
  10. the problem is, you're not a new S-Class buyer.

    what you want doesn't represent the market.
  11. I think you meant "Luckily, you're not a new S-Class buyer."
  12. having too many electronics is the whole point of an s-class
  13. lol 1978 S-class in 1978 was like a 2015 S-class in 2015

    Hemistage would have been whining about rather having a horse
  14. its understandable he doesnt want too many electronics, he knows all too well what happens when they go haywire

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