2015 Mustang

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by arnulfoes, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Ford needs to bring back the notchback Mustang.
  2. So this is another Motor Trend, artist impression. Yep, looks like a Mustang.

  3. so, no changes to the 2003-or whatever one basically
  4. Excuse me but concept artists our geniuses
  5. ^ I agree, they are very talented people, I just dislike the way Motor Trend publish their images like they are a sure thing.

  6. yea sorry i just get a lil defensive when people attack their work
    we used to have a concept artist posting here on the regular, sometimes hed post his work
    amazing the things he would do with ms paint
    name was 944turb0
    doesnt really post anymore, kind of a misunderstood genius and he was chased away by members who didnt really 'get it'
  7. oh man!
    do you know something the rest of us dont??
  8. do you work for fordracing? do you know about their products? no? shutup and listen to those who do.

    can u tell us what it looks like rabbit??? maybe u can teach scrubs like glassy whos who around here. ugh
  9. So what is the 411 on the new Stang?
  10. rabbit are you planning on buying a 2015 mustang
  11. a 1/18 version, duh
  12. no dont be silly you already own a 1/1 dont be like that give us the inside scoop
  13. Definitely not leaking anything.
  14. I'm leaking.
  15. soakin wet
  17. did epicbeardman punch you in the face?
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