2016 Celebrity death list!!!

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  1. kobe and wagyu are not natural, sure, but I wouldn't say it's sick. They're just super fattened up. Lean meat is not the tastiest, and does not necessarily mean the animal is healthy, either. They just run a lot.
  2. There's no denying that fat tastes kinda good.

    Edit: not sure why we're talking about this in this thread.
  3. I tried wagyu once. Most tender meat i've ever eaten.
  4. its my fault i read like the last 2 replies and responded in kind and derailed it
    that said, fat is good for and good for food and i have no problem with a fatty piece of meat. id also like diggs to fly me out to lovely canada to enjoy purest elk like our less civilized and more primal ancestors would
  5. Lean beef is gross. beef definitely needs some fat. but there really is nothing as good as a well prepared elk, moose or caribou steak. Super lean, super flavorful, and super tender. As long as the hunter knew what he/she was doing, it's all in preperation of the meat.
    CB. we are actually currently exploring ways of shipping meat out of country without it being hugely expensive.

    Anyway back on topic I suppose......
    We can make a different thread if we want to talk about this more.
  6. I wonder which celebrity has the leanest meat
  7. probably christian bale in the machinist or brad pitt in fight club
  8. There goes Greg Lake.
  9. R.I.P John Glenn.
  11. Alan Thicke couple days ago
  12. Zsa Zsa Gabor - 99
  13. @Big Rob with 2 points so far.

    In fairness I think he's had Castro and Zsa Zsa on there for the last 10 years
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  14. I was sure she would lived to 110.
  15. Hasn't she been dead for 15 years already? The only time she was in the news is when she was almost dying.
  16. George Michael is dead.
  17. I thought that he was way older.

    Stupendous deathtoll for this year.
  18. He didn't wake us up before he went-went.
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  19. Jesus is throwing himself one hell of a birthday party this year.
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  20. Is he ever!

  21. RIP
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  22. Wow! I'm not a George Michael's fan but he nailed that song perfectly!
  23. Yeah i'm not a huge fan either, but his voice was spot on. Great cover.
  24. You know The Queen has a cold...

    We could be in for the ultimate end to the worst year in a long time.

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