2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

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    Looking to buy a new Chevy Corvette Z06 but can’t quite afford it? Chevy has an answer.

    Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport packs some track-honed goodies while keeping performance under the hood the same.

    The car still uses a naturally aspirated 460-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 hooked to either a seven-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission though that is where the similarities with the standard Corvette end.

    The magnetic ride control system from the Z06 is present on the Grand Sport along with revised stabilizer bars and unique springs. An electronic limited-slip differential is also fitted in the rear, while larger Brembo brakes help to stop the car. Michelin Pilot Super Sports are fitted to help the car stick to the track.

    Opting for the available Z07 package makes this car even faster and adds carbon-ceramic brands and even stickier Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Cup tires.

    Cornering grip is pegged at 1.05g for the Grand Sport or 1.2g when you add the Z07 package. GM says that this new Grand Sport is actually about one second faster than than the previous Corvette ZR1 around the brand’s internal test track.

    To stand out, the car gets heritage graphics, a Z06-style grille and wider rear fenders.

    There will also be a Corvette Grand Sport Collector edition available, finished in Watkins Glen Metallic with Tension Blue hash-mark graphics, satin black full-length stripes, black wheels and a full leather and suede interior. The interior also gets some neat features like an original Grand Sport Corvette race car embossed into the headrests.

    The new Chevy Corvette Grand Sport will go on sale in the U.S. this summer.


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  2. I love the car. But ugh do I hate the stupid generic gm steering wheels and shifters
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  3. how are the new GM automatics?
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  4. Apparently they are as good as you can get with a traditional autobox.
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  5. what
    you mean its as good as any other automatics across the board, excluding dual clutch types?
    Thats pretty cool. it seems they are at the point where the autos in the camaro are faster than the manuals (acceleration wise)
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  6. incredibly vulgar
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  7. Exactly. I believe the vetted is the same as the Camaro. The auto is slightly quicker acceleration wise as well. Especially in a non-professional drivers hands.
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  8. they're actually made some progress in their interiors.... still light years behind the Europeans but getting better....

    except you can see that huge piece of plastic on the damn steering wheel
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  9. They at least did make it aluminium in the vette. But it still looks like crap. Just put in a nice clean three spoke steering wheel.
    The interior overall is quite decent. I've gone for a spin in the new stingray. I didn't really have anything to complain about other than the steering wheel and shifters looks. But it is still very American.
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  10. You can find that shifter on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix

    GM is just following their rich lineage in interior design
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  11. The Germans still have the best road car 'boxes. BMW's DCT, Porsche's PDK, VAG's DSG/S-tronic from what I've read are all still better than the offering in the recent Corvettes. It's close, but no cigar.

    Of course it's just all motoring journalists' words so with natural bias the opinions you read will differ, but on the whole I've heard better thinks about the PDK, for example, than I have about the 'box they're shoving in these.
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  12. Absolutely the pdk and such are better. I was just saying that as far as true automatics go, it's about as good as they get.
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  13. vman hates american cars so much he ignored the dual clutch disclaimer
    he is SO salty about the revolutionary war
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    that's like saying you've got syphillis, the best of the venereal diseases.

    EDIT: for clarity, I stole this one from Jeremy Clarkson.
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  15. No. No. No. Chlamydia is the best of the venereal diseases.
    It's strong and powerful. But can be fixed for 3 dollars

    I would not want one personally. But if I had to have one, chlamydia(vettes auto) would be the one I'd pick.
  16. Is the manual in this a weird 7-speed like in the 991 911?
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  17. Its a 7 speed. One through seven are laid out the same but reverse is different. If that's what you mean.

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  18. yeah, the same as in a stick shift with a 7th

    Just seems weird to me, but then again I did once own a car with a manual 4-speed + overdrive
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  19. I'm just thrilled its an option.
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  20. what if you dont want a bmw, porsche or vag and dont want a clutch
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  21. Jaguar F-Type
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  22. This car looks like a horse with strong power. I love it.
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  23. Looks great! As other have stated, that steering wheel is hideous though. The shifter could use some work as well, it literally looks like they dug it out of the discontinued Pontiac parts bin.
  24. Great plastic car
  25. Great original comment
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