2018 and 2022 World Cups

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  1. exactly. both countries don't have a rich football history, but just show up with a huge bag of money. and yeah would like to see how they are gonna play in 46c.
  2. haha yeah Qatar...

    Pretty much its because of television. Qatar is between Asia and Europe so they get the most money from TV
  3. in an air con stadium.

    have fun pre/post game in your hotel.
  4. World Cups are meant to be about atmosphere, a whole country having a massive party when the event is on.
    Whether or not you like Vuvuzelas, the atmosphere in South Africa this year was pretty good. I can see half empty stadiums in Qatar now, half filled with men in white robes who clap at everything...just like the Bahrain and Abu Dhabi GPs are like now.
  5. not being able to get on the booze at the world cup should be interesting...
  6. apparently you can get it in a few select hotels.
    isn't that going to be fun.
  7. Suck it Europe.
  8. russia is in europe and qatar is in the same time zone bro.
  9. Qatar is very flexible for foreigners, especially compared to the rest of the middle east. They'll relax their laws for the period of the world cup, dollars to donuts.

    Though there's going to be some incredibly boring games unless they can air condition entire stadiums. Having to build 9 stadiums to host one event is just plain #$%#ing stupid though.
  10. I'm still sad today about England not getting it. ;_;

    The most tough thing to grasp is that it's such an incredibly long time between the tournaments and that I'll be so much older next time it can get to England. I still think that Russia can put up a mega World Cup though.
  11. i dont really care that england didnt get it
    less likely to get stabbed by some pasty white chicken nugget eating #$%# in russia
  12. yeah you will just get abducted by the police, chopped up and put into a doner kebab instead
  13. How is it possible that Spain and Portugal are also in the run? They get financial support from the EU for everything but they do have money to organize an event like this?
  14. youll only get abducted if you dont have $20 on you
    what sort of a poor prick are you
  15. go to russia instead? england sucks anyway.
  16. lucky us they didn't get it, or we'd pay for it
  17. qatar wont buck on shit.
    arabs don't change up just for 4 weeks, when they been rocking the book for how many centuries.

    women arnt even allowed to go to football games at the moment.
  18. I know! that shit pisses me off so much.
  19. I have to agree with this. How does England get 2 votes (one being thiers) when statistically and technically have the best bid proposal, some of the most passionate fans, best league, and only get 2 votes?!?!?! How can you say no bribs took place when the votes seems to match the rumors. FIFA is just as corrupt as the American health insurance business....
  20. isnt not about being the best, dutch/belgium or the england one were the best, it's about money and which country won't take any action against fifa's rules.
  21. A bunch of shit is what that business is. We should all write FIFA complainig and calling them on their bs

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