2018 celebrity death poll

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  1. Dan Gurney two days ago.

    Delores O'Riordan last night.
  2. Frazier's dad died. :(
  3. Death Pool 2018 ( I am only submitting this one list, in case TPTB decide to have a separate thread for Themes - so please just accept this as my regular list))

    Theme: Evil and its Minions (IMHO)
    * Donald Trump - orange hued evil incarnate
    * Mike Pence - evangelical hypocritical bobble-head
    * Steve Mnuchin - grandmother evicting , money fondling Treasury Secretary
    * Jeff Sessions - evil Keebler Elf
    * Ryan Zinke - killing our environment as Interior Secretary
    * Rick Perry - "It's three agencies of government when I get there that are gone:
    commerce, education, and the uh ... what's the third one, there? Let's see." He
    went on to say: "The third one. I can't." He made it worse by adding: "Oops."
  4. Let me get this straight, you're from Delhi, work for a company in Oman that develops apps for Dubai, know all about American politics and seem to know what this thread is about despite noone posting any lists yet?
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  5. Oh, damn. I thought you were a spam bot. Most of your posts are basic ***** spam replies.
  6. Why are you height shaming, bro?
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  7. youd get along with our resident bot hemistage
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  8. wait, is this celebrity death poll or celebrity death wishlist?
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  9. Lets say both.
  10. that guy just submitted a death wishlist for people he disagrees with politically
    ban request pls
  11. That sounded like a fucking hit list. Not creepy at all.
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  13. We have some bad news from Canada.......
  14. What bad news???
  15. Thanks you good sir. :)
  16. Your screen name will be changed to v8stangperson as to be more inclusive per your Prime Munster Trudeauxea
  17. Aaaaaaaah a fuckin ghost!!!!
  18. You guys are bad!!! :mad::mad:

  19. Billy Graham the other day. Dude was 99. I thought he'd be into his 140s by now.
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  20. Stephen Hawking. He probably injected himself into the internets like the Lawnmower Man movie.
  21. No love for R. Lee Ermey?
  22. Anthony Bourdain killed himself. I fucking loved that guy('s shows).
  23. i honestly cant remember being more upset about a celebrity death. really liked the guy
    obviously im not truly devastated but i cant imagine being more upset by the death of someone i did not know
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  24. Doesn't count on the death poll. He could be in cahoots.

  25. He was a legend. I'm in shock

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