2018 celebrity death poll

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  1. Yeah Anthony Bourdain shocked me. Loved that guy. Seemed to live a happy life as well.
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  2. Well, he did have a problem with drug use and alcohol. But on the other hand seemed to really know how to enjoy life. Depression can be so deceptive.
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  3. Here's a recent interview with him. He talks about narcotics, depression, failure, even suicide tendencies in a way.
  4. everyone who did a podcast with bourdain has rereleased their episodes
    in a few days ill feel like listening to his maron, rogan, and Fresh Air interviews
  5. John McCain.
    I didnt a particularly agree with his politics. But I cant argue the fact he was a hero.
  6. RIP Stan Lee.
  7. will this somehow reduce amount of shitty super hero films?
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  8. Nah

    Since Disney purchased Marvel they've been milking the **** out of that cow, don't see that stopping any time soon
  9. Nah, he wasn't with DC.
  10. Honestly, they've been getting a little better in recent years. But I don't know how long they'll be able to keep this up.
  11. Theyre for kids. Adults need to stop watching them and talking about them
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  12. For the most part this is exactly right. Anybody who goes and watches a super hero movie then rants about no plot line, so stupidly fake blah blah blah is a twat bag.
    They are meant to entertain kids and young teens. Not give an adult some riveting life changing dramatic movie experience.
    If you are a grown adult going to a super hero movie, you need to pull your head out of your own ass and turn your brain off and enjoy some pure silly unrealistic super hero comic book bullshit. Cause that's what makes them good.
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  13. That's like people who complained that Transformers was just a CGI 'splosion fest. Yeah, no shit. It's a bunch of robots in a war.
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  14. Nah brah. They should be using real transformers. It's not fair that they are using CGI transformers and taking paying jobs from the real hard working Transformer actors out there.
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  15. And typical misogynists, not having a female Optimus Prime take a lead role!
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