2018 Holden NG Commodore unveiled

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  1. ........ the fwd one. The re-badge.



  2. You mean the insignia/regal/commodore

    It's a pretty sexy car. just needed to be rwd
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  3. Yeah, its a fine looking car. I'm sure it will drive quite nice, the current Insignia is a decent car. But Holden should really just call it the Holden Regal or Holden Insignia.
    Calling it a Commodore is shameful...
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  4. I don't disagree.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the design. It looks alright, but already kind of outdated. Mazda 6 is still the design benchmark for that category and it looks just as good as this, while being 4-5 years old.
  6. I kind of disagree with this. Mazda nails their designs. the previous gen 6 was great for many years then all of a sudden looked old AF. I feel the same about the current gen now.
    Like a sexy Asian girl. They look great for ever then all of a sudden boom they get hit by an old ugly stick overnight.
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  7. While very few designs stay fresh for long, I feel that this is on par with some designs that have already aged.

    When it comes to these family sedans/saloon cars, I think that the milder, less curvy designs are the ones that age well. Like the last couple of Passat generations and pretty much every recent Audi.
  8. my father has a version of this. its a rather nice car
  9. This I do agree with. I think Audi builds the classiest looking cars on the road. Even old Audis still turn heads. They age extremely well. Basically from the B5 A4 era and newer all look very nice to this day.
  10. A little off topic, but I have to mention that nobody does it better than Jaguar. Especially with the XJ's.
  11. Yes they are nice. They do look dated to me. but not at all in a bad way. they age, but they age gracefully.
  12. Don't care at all. Ford > Vauxhall/Opel/GM/whatever

    All I think of when I see this is "Vectra". Not in styling, but where it sits in the market. As previously mentioned this is the new Insignia which was the Vectra's replacement, so that's just what I associate a mid-sized vauxhall saloon with.

    It'll be driven as base model company cars, taxis, and then when they're over 150000 miles some chav will try to "mod" it after growing out of their Astra
  13. Honestly? That's one of the more bang-to-the-buck categories out there. These are usually more than decent cars, with solid performance, good quality roomie interior and some gadgets and accessories. I really can't understand how it's losing the sales battle to small SUV's that deliver less of everything except height.
  14. The only other issue I have other than fwd. Is the new Super short trun lid style everybody is doing. I like the three box styling better. The A7 is the only one I really think nailed it. And I don't even actually like it that much.
  15. These are usually more than decent cars

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