2018 HSV Range includes Camaro and Silverado

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    Well this is strange.
    With the lack of a Commodore, HSV has turned to the Colorado, the only vehicle in their new lineup to actually wear a HSV badge, which is very meh. But also is importing the Camaro and Silverado.

    Not much info so far. No interior pictures yet...

  2. That's rebadged Chevy Colorado ZR2 which is far from meh. Think Ford Raptor in a midsize truck with locking front and rear diffs and a 4cyl. Duramax diesel.
  3. Considering their current lineup are these [​IMG]

    I dont think they're bringing back their current fanbase with a small truck that has a 200hp diesel engine.
    Its meh because Holden has the same vehicle without the cosmetic upgrades.
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    Ok I see what you're saying. But Holden only has the Z71 package. Not the ZR2. The Z71 package is just a regular Colorado with skid plates a locking rear diff. And some beefier tires. And beefier shocks.
    The ZR2 sits higher. Is a few inches wider. Has 11 inches of suspension travel. Has better approach and departure angles. A locking diff up front as well. Has heavy duty Kevlar reinforced off-road tires. It's a much more extreme off-road vehicle.
  5. Buy a current HSV right now and keep it in storage for a few decades. The brand will be long gone and probably considered a rare classic at some point.
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  6. Malooooo
  7. I still have a severe urge to buy a G8 GXP
  8. They're fun
  9. If either a G8 GXP or a CTS-V wagon pop up here at a reasonable price I will be scooping it up
  10. Did the G8 or Chev SS ever come in the wagon form?

  11. Not in Freedom Land.
  12. We didn't even get the SS sedan in Canada.
    We got the G8 GXP in sedan form only. And we got the CTS-V in sedan, coupe and wagon
  13. *there good
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  14. HSV has always been known for changing vehicles. I feel like they should be changing front/rear bars, interior trim, and headlights/taillights, on the American cars....

    New Commdore/Insignia/Regal face on the Camaro.
    HSV Monaro?

  15. Looks 10x better than the Camaro.
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