2018 Navigator, the best Lincoln in over 40 years?

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    The new Lincoln Navigator has been getting lots of praises since its introduction. Some even claim it to be the best luxury SUV currently on the market. As far as I know the last time a Lincoln did this well against both domestic and foreign competition was the Continental sedan back in the 60's.

    I had never driven one, or any other full size SUV for that matter, so I don't know how good it actually is based on personal experience. But it does look gorgeous in real life, best looking SUV ever in my opinion.

    They claim it to be the best luxury SUV currently available:

  2. It did look really good in the Doug DeMuro video. If they're able to maintain good build quality levels, I assume beating the competition isn't all that hard.
    Not sure such monstrous SUV's is a market that even exists outside North America.
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  3. I think lincolns designs have looked really good the last couple years. havent seen one of these in person yet, we'll see

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