2018 NG Commodore VXR

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    • Most advanced Commodore ever packs 235kW 3.6-litre V6 engine, 9-speed automatic transmission and adaptive All-Wheel-Drive
    • VXR adds Brembo front brakes and unique sports set-up including Continuous Damping Control (CDC)
    • Unique to VXR are three switchable drive modes to adjust CDC dampers, steering, transmission and the ‘Twinster’ AWD system
    • Unmistakeable, muscular styling
    • Local development program with over 100,000km driven to date
    • Commodore VXR due to launch alongside rest of the range in early 2018
    Holden has lifted the covers on the range-topping VXR variant of the next-generation Holden Commodore.

    With a focus on dynamic handling, efficient performance and stunning traction off the line, Commodore VXR will show a different side to Holden’s performance capabilities while still using lessons learned from almost 40 years of continuous local Commodore development.

    Differentiating the VXR as the jewel in the next-generation Commodore crown, the range-topping model boasts Brembo front brakes and a unique sports set-up allowing drivers to switch between driving modes. Driver-adjustable settings include Continuous Damping Control (CDC), steering, transmission and the adaptive AWD system.

    Packing a 3.6-litre V6 engine pumping out 235W and 381Nm, paired with a 9-speed transmission and adaptive all-wheel drive system boasting torque vectoring technology and a twin-clutch rear differential. Combined with the selectable drive modes, the all-new Commodore VXR blends power with control for ultimate driver engagement.

    “The next-gen Commodore VXR offers a different execution of performance to the outgoing SS but make no mistake, this is a more than worthy successor,” said Holden’s renowned Lead Dynamics Engineer, Rob Trubiani.

    “We’ve been involved in the development of this car from the beginning and I personally have spent significant time behind the wheel overseas and at Holden’s Lang Lang proving ground.

    “The V6 engine with the adaptive AWD and 9-speed transmission make the VXR a quick and smooth car to drive, even in wet conditions. Importantly we also have Brembo front brakes and Continuous Damping Control (CDC) and drivers are able to switch between three driving modes for distinctly different drive experiences.

    “We can’t wait to get the car in the hands of our customers next year but for now, we’ve still got some work to do and will continue to work with the team in Europe, who are currently completing chassis development at Nürburgring in Germany.”

    The next-generation Commodore VXR also adds sports styling to its ‘Sculptural Artistry Meets German Precision’ design language with bespoke 20-inch alloy wheels, larger rear spoiler, front and rear sports fascias and premium VXR sill plates.

    Other highlights include next-generation adaptive LED Matrix headlights, heated and ventilated leather performance front seats, a wealth of cutting-edge driver assistance technology.

    The next-generation Commodore VXR will be on sale alongside the rest of the sedan range, along with Sportwagon and Tourer body styles, in early 2018.



    • Performance credentials
      • 3.6-litre V6 engine
      • 9-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifter select
      • Adaptive AWD with torque vectoring
      • Hi-per strut suspension
      • Three driver-select modes for engaging drive experience;
    • Sports inspired styling
      • Front and rear sports fascias
      • Unique VXR rear lip spoiler
      • 20-inch alloy wheels
      • Unique VXR sports performance front seats
      • Heated and ventilated leather front seats
    • Cutting-edge driver assistance systems and technology:
      • Next-generation Adaptive LED Matrix headlights
      • 360 degree camera
      • Autonomous Emergency Braking (with pedestrian protection)
      • Adaptive Cruise Control
      • Lane Departure Warning
      • Lane Keep Assist
      • Forward Collision Alert
      • Side Blind-Zone Alert
      • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
      • Head Up Display

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      • [​IMG]

        ................... Waiting for first person to convert AWD into RWD and put in an LSA like it should have.

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  1. Nice looking Opel Insignia GSI.
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  2. Current Commodore SS - rwd 6.2L V8 304kw 507nm
    this - awd 3.6L V6 235kw 381nm

  3. I'm pretty sure it's the lfx motor. If so it's DI and loves boost. Would turbo and tune to 450hp make you feel better?
  4. Its non-turbo in the right hand drive models! So I dont know how much room there is to add one :(
    Also no. :)
    Still terrible sound. haha

    The current Commodore is still a muscle sedan, this new one is not. I'm interested to see how well it sells.
  5. They shouldn't have called it a commodore really
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  6. In Australia/NZ the Commodore is a workhorse for most of the public. They use it as a police patrol and taxis. In a sense they are not different from those generic American sedans from the 90s, so a huge segment of the public doesn't give a crap if the car is powered by a six cylinder and has whatever-wheel drive.

    I do hope they eventually make a V8 version just for the sake of tradition. But with the Vauxhall/Opel merge into the PSA group, I have no idea where the V8 engine would come from. As far as I know, Peugeot and Citroen do not have a eight cylinder motor in their lineup, and the Opel and Vauxhall models that had big engines were using GM-derived V8s. I doubt that the PSA group would develop and build a new V8 just for the Australian Commodore, but who knows.
  7. there's no way they'll put a V8 in an insignia. it's a transverse-engine platform.
  8. From 2006-2009 they put a 5.3L v8 in the FWD Impala. Lol it was pretty pointless.
  9. Exactly. GM learned a valuable lesson there.
  10. I'm sure SS drivers will move onto the Camaro and Corvette when they eventually get here (if ever), and Commodore will be almost solely a fleet vehicle.

    Almost 35% of Commodore sales (including utes) are V8s. I would say a lot of the rest are fleet vehicles too.
    I think a large portion would be Calais sales too (Calais is the 'luxury' model), so those people might move onto this new Commodore.

    Hard call with the name though @Veyronman . The Ford Falcon ceased production last year, and the Mondeo is the only replacement as a far as a family vehicle goes (which is a decent car), and no one is buying them. At the end of the day, you're only pissing off the enthusiasts, while the un-knowing majority still sees a recognizable name if they keep it. I'm at least happy that they didnt try to use the same high-end model names (SS or SSV)
    The Mustang on the other hand, is the replacement for the XR8 and XR6T Falcons, and that is sold out in Australia for over the next 2 years. (My uncle ordered one, and the waiting list was like 2 years and 3 months because Ford US underestimated its popularity)
  11. I did not know that. I mean, I should have known that being an european car it would be a FWD-oriented platform with smaller engines, but I also had some hopes there. They could at least release a RWD only version with a powerful V6 turbo, that would placate some of the enthusiasts.
  12. This thing should be pretty swift. From memory they're supposed to be around the 1,600kg mark, so at least 150kg lighter than a VF Commodore SV6.

    I think this will be a great all-round performance car. I've driven a Passat R36 on many occasions and it's actually a great car and sounds awesome.

    This thing will never hang with an LSA HSV but it may make a few L98 Commie owners worried, and even give the LS3's a run for their money.

    Honestly though, the only replacement to Commodore would be the Cadilac sedans. It's a shame they're not available - I'm sure many HSV buyers would be keen.
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