2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by DIGGS, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Sneak peak. Yup it's nice.

    All-New-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-REVEALED-1-54-56-PM-3.jpg 2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-003.jpg
  2. It's not pretty, but then again it's not supposed to. The big Silverados/F350/Rams are great value for money here, because they're categorized as trucks (not pick-up trucks) and that gives them a tax cut.
  3. As far as pickups go I actually think this one is really good looking.
    Though very much along Fords styling. Which i think is more caused by regulations than anything else.
  4. I prefer the current model's aggressive chrome grille. If you're going to make the most American car out there, might as well go full America on it.
  5. Haha i hate chrome. I like the full body color options.

  6. Although they sell rather well here, it's always funny to see how out of place a Silverado is in Tel Aviv.
  7. The fact that the current generation is so much older of a design than all of its competitors and it still competes so well against them is a testament to itself. GM Trucks are by far the benchmark.
    I know ford sells more. But they offer such insanely huge rebates that you get the same trim level Ford for 10k less than the equivalent GM. I really think if you had to pay the same price for the equivalent truck that Ford wouldn't sell as well as I does.
    GM diesels also have the highest long term resale value of any heavy duty pickup by far.

    A 2007 Duramax is selling for 30-40k cad right now
    A 2007 Ford super duty is selling for 15-25k Cad.
  8. Umm, the current generation Silverado was presented in 2014/5, making it newer than the Ram and not that much older than the F-Series. But none of them is actually good looking.
  9. You are correct.
    The Ram is an old turd. As is the Tundra.
    The Titan, and F-series have been redesigned since. But not the others. I stand corrected
  10. Looks like plenty of room to bro out with bros, touching eachothers dicks in a no-homo way.
  11. As a matter of fact, given that the Silverado is about 3 years old, the 2019 model is probably just a facelift. The average car model's lifespan is about 7 years, which means most get a facelift after 3-4 years.
  12. I don't think it's just a facelift.
    They have already facelifted it once. I have a feeling its all new.
    Ford has done it's facelift this year. Will probably have something new by 2020. The full size truck market is too competitive to sit still nowadays. Especially between Ford and GM.
    All the other brands are just going to keep competing for 3rd place.
    I doubt with fiat in control that the new Ram is going to be anything truly competetive
  13. Apparently they have mentioned the possibility of an aluminum or mixed material frame. And some rumors of carbon fiber in the construction, and not just as trim accents
  14. Think I'll wait for a Tesla pickup.
  15. this model looks better
    not a fan of adding weird angles to the detail work in a facelift. i like the clean handsome design for trucks

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