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  1. you have the best avatars. they combine scantily clad women with amazing terrorist get-ups and explosions. A+
  2. he graffitis up public property -1

    also, his avatars suck
  3. hot women are public property? his avatars are better than yours, mine too.
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  5. Dense, a little? He sprays graffiti on public property, simple.
  6. not really, its just that you said he grafitis shit, which was irrelevant so i didnt understand.
  7. Yeah but he's right to bring it up.

    I mean it is the only thing in my life, it's not like I'm majoring in Physics at the UPMC in Paris, I don't ever go out with friends, and I don't do any sports or anything...I'm just 100% graffiti all the time, so you have to mention it.
  8. what kind of fish is that in yours? it has no skin on le face.
  9. His username is a bit of a giveaway.
  10. You like karting +!

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