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  1. Hey does anybody have more info about the 24 karat gold DeLoreans? How much would they cost now? Oh and BTW did they do anything to make the interior better on those? Because IMO the interior is kinda boring and ugly in the normal ones... they should've added something to make it nicer.
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    oh and I forgot the pic
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    In 83 they went for around 85K and I would think they would go for 200k+ today. They did make one in the saddle brown that looked very nice. But I dont see anything wrong with the interior how is it boring?
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    Well, the interior is just... black on all black. There's no color really to it. No wood, and no outlines. And the steering wheel looks like it's kind made entirely of some hard plastic... is it? But one good thing though is the seats... if the ones in this pic aren't custom.

    The red interior that's shown (I don't like red though) is that of a 1981 Lotus. I don't really like the 2 spoke steering wheel, but there's at least something there like the chrome... er... things on the door and the wooden shift knob and the plushy center armrest or whatever.
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    It was made in 1981 what do you expect? The steering whell is made of plastic but it does have leather over it.

    What pic are you talking about? what red interior?
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    i adore the interior. you want a crappy interior, look at the modern vette. THATS cheap plasticy and boring. actually, the D came with gray interior(mainly). they have a very comfy arm rest, and the seats look and feel great.
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    i think the D looks way better and more advanced. i think its better looking than modern cars(the same price range anyway. even the vette).
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    Hm... everyone has their own opinion, I guess. But the truth is that the Lotus was the same price (actually a little bit less) than the DeLorean, and the Lotus had better performance. And the Lotus had more leather... I'm not saying that this is a bad car though.
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    yeah, i love the lotus too. i think the D was going for fuel economy for the times. im not sure about the mileage on the Lotus.
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    The Delorean is pretty much a Lotus with a French engine in it.
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    No way, are you kidding? The DeLorean is much more practical than the Esprit. But then again the Lotus was designed as a competetor for the rest of the top end sports cars (like the 911 and even Ferarri) and had much, much better performance and speed. The only thing is that they look alike, but you can still tell the difference.
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    The frame was borrowed from the Lotus Elan which is a X design with the fuel tank in the upper Y sectiuon and the engine and tranny in the rear Y section. The suspension uses Girling shocks which are used by Lotus. The GPR underbody came from the idea of Lotus. Delorean wanted to use his ERM body which led to extra money and time. So Lotus created the underbody for Delorean and tested the car for him. If you look at the dimensions they are very close to the Elan. But because of the weight and powertain of the Delorean it did not perform as good as the Elan.
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    the d still competed 911 and Ferrari.
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    It still handles surprisingly well
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    and those cars were surprisingly slow. the vette had a 350 and still only had a 0-60 of 7 seconds or so.

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