240sx or '99 civic Si or mk7 celica gt

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by f11111, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. pick one for track and to own
  3. Depends on your budget. If you have the money, I'd say go with a used S2000. Also depends on how far you're gonna take the transformation. If you're going all the way, the 240.
  4. being that i've driven all of those i say 240 w/o a doubt. being that i'm a biased asshole i say vw gti vr6
  5. That's funny, I could have sworn it was either a 240 an Si or a Celica. If he had about 15k more then I'd go for it.
    What year 240?
  6. Like I said, depends on his budget.
  7. what kind of 240sx... i would choose the s15 (240sx..)?
  8. s14....but what if you just have a small budget and thats it? what would you recommend?
  9. celica if mk7 is the most recent model.
  10. id take the celica
  11. S13 240sx... chassis for >1000$ + coilovers + turbo engine = good stuff.
  12. Just cant wait for the money to come in to do all these nice goodies :D

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