1. Drew this one up a while ago, haven't snapped a pic till recently though. Anyways, I have a feeling that the nose is really short, especially after looking at the photo. As well, I photo shopped some older pics to make the lighting a bit better and easier to see. Also I'm just going to throw in some other non automotive related ones just to get some feedback. 'The Thing' is a cover of a marvel card I had laying around, just wanted to experiment.
  2. Not too bad. Proportions a little off, but pretty sweet. I've been meaning to do some drawing or painting lately, but somehow I always end up not. It's terrible...lol.

    Keep it up though and keep posting your stuff.
  3. If you really wanted that shit to be J D M the fenders should be black
  4. I never even thought of that actually. To be honest though I was always 50/50 with those things, never a fan of the bolted on look.
  5. Some of these were forced art projects actually. I had to have 12-15 pictures as a portfolio for entrance into my college. Lately it's been fun to just mess around, though it usually takes me a really cool picture to inspire me to actually get something done.

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