244whp NA 08 busa

Discussion in 'Trucks and Motorcycles' started by Ron Simmons, Dec 26, 2008.

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  2. would take that over a turbo busa
  3. i wouldn't
  4. I would, it would be amazing to have 250 naturally aspirated wheel horsepower at your command.
  5. quite honestly, i would imagine that it is just slightly slower than a 350 hp turbo busa mainly because the power is easier to control, smoother, and you don't have to short shift since the boost will send the front end in the air all the time. plus the gearing isn't much different so by the time the front end stays down you're close to hitting the limiter in 6th.

    turbo bikes are pointless unless the suspension is setup properly (in which case it loses handling), the power is so sporadic and so much more difficult to control. it's the equivalent of a 2000 hp car vs. 1000 hp, after a certain point, power doesn't matter as much as control
  6. I think this is without labor costs
  7. yeah thats exactly it. any time ive seen videos of turbo bikes theyre all straight line, seriously overkill. its a different approach to tuning a bike altogether. this is maintaining the complex engineering of the bike without the compromise that adding a turbo introduces.
  8. Ugh. The first thing that a 350 hp turbo Hayabusa brought to my mind was the titanium parts they use to attach broken bones together.
  9. I have yet to see a clean launch with a turbo Busa. Most Busas on events I have seen/read about have been just big bored NA tunings similar to the one mentioned in opening post. They get on average much better times and speeds, but when a turbo gets a good run, the Na bikes don't stand a chance.
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    yh, definatly can go over the top, i think it's also that busa owners are buy race turbo's for road use,or building budget drag busa's thinking they'll do well just cause theve got a huge turbo, there are road turbo kits that are more controllable....take a look at.....

    apparently, i herd they do a road turbo kit, fit it and throw in a extra dump valve and a full service as well for about £3,000
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    no mayne u herd rong
  12. nope, herd from the guy and he's booked his busa in.....he bought the turbo kit which depending how brave he feels can take his busa up to 350bhp, they'll do a full service if he also buys a upgraded dump valve aswell.

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