250LM or the '65 Gt40

Discussion in '1964 Ferrari 250 LM' started by AntiDomestic, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I would take this in a heartbeat,how about you people?
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    GT40!!!! Ferrarari ain never won a race since 1920! The gt40 won lemans 6 years in a row! (even though lemans sucks ass next to NASCAR)
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    A 550 Maranello won the GTS class at Le Mans just last weekend and Ferrari's have won tons of races since 1920. The GT40 won Le Mans 4 years in a row not 6. I would also take the 250 LM. The GT40 had reliability problems which kept it from having much success. The later GT40's were better than the '65.
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    Congratulations. BIGDUMBASS is the WINNER of the DUMBEST FUKTARD ON PLANET EARTH AWARD!!! First of all, Ferrari was founded in 1947. Secondly, like the man said, Ford won Le Mans 4 years (Not 6). And lastly, NASCAR BITES THE BIG ONE COMPARED TO LE MANS!!!
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    I think Jerry Springer has gone to that guy's head

    NASCAR is a wussy American sport with massive boats that have 4 wheels racing around in circles. Its all American cars too. America only makes a great car every now and then. I'm tired of all the pimp SUVs too! They might look nice, but I want something fast and powerful, that looks nice (sounds like a ferrari <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    They got rid of all the great series or really screwed with them. The old trans-am series was good with its lack of aerodynamics and its fierce competitiveness.

    F1 is my favorite series (Go Schumi!!! #6 coming soon). Anything with a more diverse selection is a good series (Ferraris, Porsche, BMW...and more). Four American manufacters isn't that exciting. In my opinion, all of the cars are identical underneath and they have manufacters stickers stamped on them. Its just a big advertising scam more than it is racing.

    Very tough choice but I would take a GT40. I have to go with my homecountry car. But I am disappointed that Ford (they aren't the only one) doesn't put much into their cars these days. They are make a bunch crappy slow, cars and make one good car. (Dodge - Viper, Chevy - Vette, Ford - Mustang (Ford GT soon). Those cars aren't evem that great anymore. Past cars of their's are still better, except the Viper as it didn't have a past model in the '60s

    Racing used to be great, but so much technology has gone into safety that its messed with racing. Racing is still great, but its not as "on the edge" as it used to be. They need to bring some of the old days back to live. Start with the 14 mile Nurburgring for F1.

    A read a article just yesterday in some magazine. I think its automobile magazine. It showed the Gulf GT40 and the 250LM next to each other. It was a ok article. The 3 Liter V12, sounds like nothing I have ever heard before.

    The GT40 is a great car and my favorite (the rest of them are ferraris), but I never call it the Ford GT40, thats only putting shame to it, as Ford isn't as great of a company anymore. They don't want championships, they just want money.

    The GT40, might have stomped on Ferrari during its time. But thank god that Ford didn't get to buy Ferrari, when Ferrari declined. I could not imagine Ferrari if that did happen. Ok, maybe I can. Just look at Dany Heatley's (used to be) Ferrari 360. Ferrari has been consistent of making very great cars.

    Anyone see the Monterey Historic Cars races today? I liked that Ginetti G12, low and good looking. That was a shame that DaCadenet's Alfa Romeo GTZ's front left fell off. Lucky for him, he already finished and was almost stopped. I liked that car, of course I had to laugh a bit.
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    250LM , duh!
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    As a track car, the GT40 is quicker. In terms of aesthetics, it would be a close call between the GT40 Mark II's and the 250LM- I'm not really a fan of the Mark V GT40's.

    As a road car, there is no comparison. The Ferrari 250LM was street legal, barely. The GT40 road version was a real fright pig- ugly and ill-handling.

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