25K, single, fresh out of uni.

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  1. Just seeing what the flavor is of scnet. Not gonna happen now, but within 12 months i'll be fresh up in debt with a new car. If you were a fresh bachelor looking for the job scene, would'd be ur choice.

    No used benz's or old ferraris you clowns. new means new. unless used ferraris hold a 40 year, spontaneously combusts warranty then hell ya.

    edit: In before ferrari s2000.

  2. Buying new is stupid. Buy a 2-3 year car that's already taken the depreciation hit but still has warranty/etc. Or at least buy a car with 2-3k on the clock from some goon that thought he could afford the payments but then couldn't. ~20%+ cheaper just from being rolled off the lot.

    With that idea, you could prolly get a new mustang GT, a pontiac G8, or something else ballin, with warranty, etc.

    of those, I vote rustang v6 or fusion (if you want a family car). C30 is cool too.
  3. why not lease?
  4. voted c30 btw.
  5. leasing is a horrific financial decision. basically flushing your money down the tubes.
  6. New car. I'm not the type of person who gets rid of a car in 4 years when it has 80,000 miles on it. Depreciation is not the issue. I will go as long as the car will take me. My current truck has 230,000 miles and 10 years old. I'm pretty sure a broken headlight on my truck would be a total loss in the insurance eyes haha. I'm looking for a new car, for the peace of mind, the warranty, since its a new car with no previous owners (half my list could be neglected by 18 year olds), and because I can afford it. No leasing. Because of scholarships through school, paying for a 20-25k car isn't out of my league. But it really is about peace of mind and pride. I've never owned a new car before. If there is a lesson to be learned by buying new, I will find out <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> .

    Edit: I understand where you're coming from though. It's just if I'm dropping that much money, I want something special the first time that hasn't had the slightest chance of being neglected.
  7. I've already pretty much made up my mind. Its the GTI. However, as the time comes, I need to call my insurance since I might get hosed on prices. If that's the case, the Fusion or even the new 2012 Focus since it's cheap and can hold me over until the insurance prices drop.

    Just wanted see what you guys would pick! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I'm always open to new ideas too. Plenty of time before I pull the trigger.
  8. only interesting if your employer pays a big chunk of that
  9. again, I highly suggest a car with like 2-3k miles on it. Still has new car smell, full warranty, etc. Way better price. If youre financing, it could save you like 6+k before its all said and done, or let you get a way nicer one.

  10. oh, and if youre looking to drive the car forever/into the ground, dont get the VW. God awful to work on, awful expensive parts, and not terribly reliable.
  11. no roadtaxes, no maintenance, insurance covered etc.

    i see no problem.
  12. Nissan Xterra
  13. Not always.
  14. Full warranty? Only if you're buying certified used, which means you'll end up paying new car price.

    Save on financing? Used car rates are, on average, at least a full percent above new rates, sometimes even greater when you consider the number of killer low rate sales on new cars.

    Obviously neither of these apply 100% of the time, but its something to consider.
  15. You also don't get any equity, you do have taxes, and your insurance isn't covered.
  16. Still have to pay maintenance and insurance if you're leasing, here at least. Taxes vary by manufacturer/leasing company.
  17. Equity in cars? lol?

    edit: obviously some equit exists, but its not something you can really do anything with.

    Generally speaking, I'm very pro-buying/anti-leasing, but there are definitely times when leasing makes a ton of sense.
  18. oh ok, that sucks for the usa . then i can understand it not being an option.
  19. Many companies have fully transferable warranties.

    Save on financing in the sense that its an extra 4k youre NOT going to have to pay, or pay interest on, not that the financing is necessarily cheaper.

    Many of those super low rates on car sales also come with a killer balloon payment at the end.

  20. I can honestly say im 100% happy with my 11' GTI, paying extra for the options is really worth it

    +wicked fun to drive
    +easy on gas
    +cheap insurance
    +they hold their value well
  21. Leasing is not in the picture for me personally. I hope to own this car for as long as possible. Basically until I run it into the ground. Whether that is in 5 years or 10, I don't know, but leasing is out of the picture regardless.

    Plus, in the case of the GTI, I plan on bringing it to a few open track events, and maybe down the line putting in a rear sway, turbo back exhaust,tune. Nothing crazy but something a car company would advise against. That's too far down the line, and thats if I get a GTI (or any other car worth putting money into) but it is another lease killer.

    Lucky Strike, I heard the 2012's might not allow you to disable the ESP because of the NHTSA (Amerisuck). How important is this feature in a snowy climate, or even if you drive aggressively? Basically what I'm asking, if I live in a snowy climate and can't disengage the ESP, should I keep looking? (I know it's a small issue, but it boggles me that they would do this, especially on a performance model).
  22. pretty sure you can go to a garage and ask them to have it programmed differently, so you can disable your esp.
  23. Most garages don't want the liability here.
  24. Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    they're $29k loaded
  25. You can buy 5 volvo 850R's for that price man. Get real.

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