270+ achievable

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  1. No kidding, but think of how long the tires would last at that speed...common sense says that they put in a limiter
  2. The Bleu Centenaire shares all performance characteristics of other Veyron models performance-, acceleration- and deceleration characteristics which have been highly praised ever since the Bugatti Veyron first appeared on the scene.

    Its another re-skinned veyron.
  3. I read different....if i can find the link hold on... doesnt matter anyways... THey lied.. Just another ****ing version of the Veyron
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  6. Best looking Veyron
  7. It's all very blue, yuk, Everton+Chelsea FC colours, I hope it can do 270+mph!
  8. It would be easy to do but without racing slicks high oct. fuel, combined with the fact Bugatti doesn't tune the Veyron for top speed I doubt it could happen stock
  9. why the hell do they keep making different versions of the veyron thart are all practicly the same, examples: par hermes, sang noir and the pur sang. they should make a stripped out version with just racing stuff in the interior and less heavy. they also need 2 work on those looks 2. uuuurrrghhhhh!!
  10. Is it just me......or is everyone overly obsessed over this fat & ugly car just because of its performance? It does perform well, But anything designed by volkswagen is instantly destined to be ugly

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