280 bhp

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  1. For all those "efficient" engines lovers theres a better one, 280bhp from a 2-litre, 140bhp/litre. I know bhp/litre means nothing.
  2. 140hp per liter would be impressive if it was normally aspirated, but this is turbocharged. You can do the same thing to a Civic as well as to numurous other compact cars (even my little Sentra). It's just not the same. The regular road version of the 207 only ouputs about 60-80 hp per liter (same engine, but without forced induction).

    It's funny how you say you dont like imports, 4 cars out of your top 5 ARE technically imports.
  3. at 8500 rpm.
    Horsepower is related to engine speed.

  4. OMG... Which part of "naturally aspirated" haven't you understand??? This is a competition engine. Some S2000 engines may produce even more bhp. Competition camshafts, direct induction, special engine managements, etc., etc., etc.!!!
  5. WRONG!

    this is normally aspirated, read the article in future before you go yapping on.

    this is an impressive engine, although i reckon it is probably nearing its maximum state of tune NA, and probably produces somewhere in the region of 175lb-ft of torque.
  6. fun little car to boot around in on the back roads...very nice
  7. "It's powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre 16v petrol engine, that produces 280bhp @ 8,500rpm." Can you read? naturally-aspirated...

    And, do you know where I live? So, why do you say that 4 of my top 5 cars are imports? I say 1 of my top 5 is an import... Actually, where I live all 5 are imports. BUT if you were a TRUE car enthusiast you would know that the term "Import" is given to japanese or korean cars, usually used for tuning.
  8. Ok, stop the excessive teasing... he's blushing already, heheh
  9. I'ts going to be their next rally car. Hope they release a homologation version or something...
  10. they never release homogolation rally cars anymore, its a shame
  11. sexy peugeot>caddilac
  12. 280 brake in a FWD? It's French so it probably is a FWD. Is it FWD? If it is, that's going to have novelty handling. I'd say the handling of a FWD car becomes silly after you fill the engine with more than about 250 bhp.

    Also, 280 bhp in an NA 4-banger is still pretty good. Back in the days of Group B, MG squeezed 350+ bhp from the NA V6 in thier 6R4, which gives it about 58 bhp per cylinder. That said, The Pug's is more: 70 bhp per cylinder. So, yes, that's a pretty well-sorted engine.
  13. It will most probably be 4WD, as it is a future rally car.
  14. you must be stupid and dumb!!! this car ´s natural aspirated just like the 306 MAxi with 275Bhp. this is a competition engine.

    If you don´t know don´t talk!!!!

    My Peugeot 106 Gti 1.6 16v at 8500 rpm is enough for your sentra!!!
  15. A Little underpowered for me but it looks great.
  16. A little underpowered for me but hell it looks nice.
  17. It's nice. I like it..too bad they will never sell something like this in Canada. Well if this is going to be new Peugeot factory rally car I am intrigued. Will this be like the original Citroen Xsara where it arrived on the scene with like 295-300hp FWD? That car was a serious tarmac driver tuned mainly to run the twisties of Monte Carlo, and if I remembered correctly, they kicked butt. They might eventually make it AWD.
  18. at last!!!!!!! peugeot started to make good engines .140hp per liter is very impressive
  19. 280bhp
    6 speed
    50/50 weight distribution
    1/4m=11.96 [email protected]
    god damn NHSTA, who cares about safety, i want one!... im sure it comes with a roll cage!?

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