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    minus the yoga

    srsly tho, cool story bros.
  2. Iampingpong is the yoga instructor
  3. iampingpong would have called him a wuss or something and done donuts in his DODGE RAM on the way out
  4. lol he lost almost as much as I weigh
  5. here is an appropriate
    'whatever man at least hes doing something'
  6. Man steve aoki came a long way
  7. didnt click link
    agree with you on principal
  8. But I acknowledge that he did something and thought it was a good story!
  9. at first i laughed because of the thread title but then i ended up watching the whole thing and good for him.
  11. too many parachutes made me fat
  13. Painfully akward to watch
  14. ddp, diamond cutting fat peoples self doubt.
  15. why? I dunno, I applaud people like that.
  16. lol at ddp being the only "yoga instructor" willing to work with him.

    also, I got fat doing drugs, not busting my back banana falling out of airplains
  17. yeah, hector camacho was unavailable
  18. this.

    how long before facebook idiots start posting it up and make me vomit
  19. I'm happy for that guy.
  20. yeah, me too.

    I'm happy for Dran0 and I not being drug addict / pothead anymore too. We are now successful yuppies.
  21. Your doing it wrong. Most people I know stay skinny by doing drugs.
  22. maybe it was weed, and the munchies overcame him.
  23. #fakedrug
  24. i love uppers, it's just not what i usually hammered into me. most of what i did nailed me to the couch motionless for hours while i thought about whether or not i was there, if there were shadows dancing about, or if i was smothering myself in one or another bodily fluids.

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