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  1. Hell yeah this and a 69 I think Camero are the main rides in the movie. An orange Challenger smokes the Mitsubishi Spider in one part of the movie.

    If you didn’t like the first one cause of the imports go watch the second you will be a lot happier.
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    aly its an orange dodge charger
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    No its an orange Challenger you idiot
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    Yea, idiot, it's a Challenger.
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    That movies is crap
    Stock supra 0-60: 5.6
    2F2F Supra 0-60: 6.4
    (tested by import tuner)
    what the hell is that... your a #%$, dont mention that movie.
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    That's the point, japanese cars are crap. In the movie, a Challenger like this one takes an Eclipse... see? jap cars = crap. American muscle rules.
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    the camaro is a yenko camaro, they came stock with a 427 inch motor. yes muscle cars do reign supreme!
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    maybe all the supra lovers will keep quiet from now on
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    I usually try to stay neutral in imports VS domestics, but yeah, these cars could smoke the cars in 2F2F if they had better drivers.

    The Hemi ruled, I loved how the engine roared.

    Does anyone what kind of modifications the Yenko went through?
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    The Yenko's you actually see are replicas of a real Yenko, which 2F2F bought so they could make it as accurate as possible. The engines are non-numbers matching 427s that are not modified, except for Hooker Headers and a TCI stall speed in one of them, which is an automatic. The rest are 4spd sticks.
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    Yeah, the Yenko came with Muncie 4 speed didn't it?
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    Yeah, I figured that the one in the movie was a replica.

    But I was talking about the orignals. Any idea on those?
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    How much are the Yenkos worth?
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    You know wut pisses me off? I just saw the movie and damnit! why the hell did they have to wreck the challenger and camaro!!!??? I mean wut the #$%#. I figured they wrecked enough detroit muscle from the first one. Rest in piece fellow Charger, Challenger, and Camaro. You will be missed :-(
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    Don't forget about the 2002 Mustang SVT Cobra R that that idiot slammed under a semi-truck and got it totalled. I saw the commercial, and when I saw the Mustang Cobra R I thought, "Holy crap thats an awesome 'Stang." Then the ding-dong in the Supra slammed it into the truck then I thought sarcasticly, "Well, It's a Pocket-Rocket movie so all the Jap cars have to have their fun." But if the Yenko Camaro, Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi, and the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R actually raced the Pocket-Rockets, the Yenko, Dodge, and the Ford would destroy them all.
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    it wasnt a cobra R, it was a saleen... and in ur sig. there is no 2003 cobra R
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    haha, the first movie was crap, all except for that awsome charger... they should have released its fury a little more, instead of letting in SIT in the garage until the very end. Damn, then it hits a truck. But the second one, i was very happy with. Too bad those two cars did it totalled. They finally bring some american muscle into the import scene, showing them whose boss huh? I loved when about 30 dodge rams came out of the garage im like O SHIT, btw i was wearing my Mopar shirt to the movie haha... Maybe import lovers will finally realize that the old american muscle cars have got some power under their hoods, and theres more to cars than suped up lawn mower engines... i think its the noise they make that gets teenagers all excited, thinking its some kind of Indy car... oh well i dont know. Well anyway one of my main thoughts about the 2nd movie, is well, take the first one for example, After that movie you really saw a lot more imports on the streets (dumb teenagers who cant think for themselves), they wanted to go out and be cool and get cars like the ones in the movie, maybe now they'll see that american muscle is the way to go. Why buy a civic for 20 grand and put about 20 more into it just for it to go fast, and pay about 9-12 grand for a restored Charger that would whomp its ass...

    Sorry so long, the topic brings a lot to mind
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    No such thing as a 2002 Mustang SVT Cobra R, its a SVT Cobra, only the 2000 was a Cobra R and it wasent even a Cobra it was a Saleen.
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    isnt that what i just said?
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    you a dumbass all american cars suck. Accept the AC cobra. Supra Will EAT any american Hot Wheel Car.
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    Supra LOL, did u forget its only got 320 HP??? yeahhh... its pretty sad when america's fastest pickup truck (Ram SRT-10 soon to be produced) Can beat one of japans finest sports cars... spsh
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    Yeah, that was the best part of the whole movie, and it was a Saleen numbnuts, and the driver of the saleen provoked him, he was trying to slam the ECLIPSE SPYDER (no it was NOT a Supra you moron) into the truck on the other side, so he just pushed back, and the Saleen, being less nimble ended up underneath the truck (which was great, I laughed so hard).

    And y'know what? They gave those cars more credit than they deserved, as when they raced (before the guy cheated) the Challenger was accelerating faster, however in straightline acceleration the Lancer Evo is considerably faster.

    And in that race in the beginning, the EVO would rip most of those cars a new one (even though the Corvette and Viper are faster in acceleration, the EVO can weave through the traffic much better, and being so well modified, the acceleration should be evened up).

    I don't even recall seeing any Supras in that movie you dumb schmuck.
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    yeah there was a supra...the gold one...but thats not the point...
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    I retract my previous statement ("I don't even recall seeing any Supras in that movie you dumb schmuck"), however the "Supra" that slammed the Stang under the truck, was actually an Eclipse, so I stand by what I had said earlier in that same post.
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    Okay, lets get something straight. I am 18 I hate the sound and look of 99% of the "imports" on the road. I drive a V8 (Dakota) to which I added aftermarket exhaust (Magnaflow). It sounds great as do most of maintianed V8s out there.

    -Funny story I saw a 4 door 2000 intrepid with aluminum aircraft wing and donut pipe minus hub caps in a awsome, smirk smirk, biege paint. Worst thing I have ever seen on the road, and yes
    i consider that an import because thats what the owner considered it.

    I saw 2F2F to see the Hemi and the Yenko in action.
    the tuned Economy cars that you hear and see on the road, most of the time are not fast.

    In my pickup, yes pickup, I have slaughtered many late model modified civics, CRXs, Celicas and a couple of preludes (1 Modified 93 Vtech I think).

    The challenger that they wrecked at the end was at inseption a rust bucket. I read in Mopar action that these things stunt doubles were almost completely bondo and had 318s in them. In the race scenes the hemi was realy in that car but all the stunt cars had 318s. so don't shed a tear the next time you see them crash.

    I do respect Supras, Skylines, NSXs, 3000gt/stealths (Aka my next vehicle), RX-7s . Not anything front wheel drive or anything slower than above in stock trim. Note If I do get a Stealth TT It will not look like anything out of The fast and furiouses,(ie, no massive wings, no decals, no pink flames, no trashy shit).

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