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    the crappy part about the movie was how they got the charger- they CHEATED! no jap crap could win a MOPAR!!
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    there was too a gold supra in the movie
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    Well first of all, the Challenger faced the Eclipse not the Evo. The Evo raced the Yanko which had a lead on it already. The only thing that carrys the Evo is the all wheel drive. It may get off the line faster but the Challenger and the Camaro generate so much torque they would catch up.
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    well duh, its a r!ce movie, so of course the REAL cars get destroyed...thats what they get for kickin the sake-burner's butts i guess lol
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    Guy who comes into my work nearly every day has one of these. He's been restoring it for years and finally got it up and running. He let me rev the engine one time. Just WOW...I wish I could get my civic to do that
    (yeah right...but i can dream)
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    No its a challenger, trust me you can tell if you read the words that say hemi on the rear fenders. The Hemi Charger didn't have hemi painted on the back. The blue car was a 69' Yenko Camaro. Yenko Camaros are just camaros that were given 500bhp.
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    To whoever said an Evo could outmanuever a Vette in traffic, thats complete BS based on your silly preconception of the Corvette as a poorly handling American car. I won't even bother going into why you're wrong, I've said it already in plenty of other forums.
    The Yenko Camaro had an L72 427 rated at 425 hp, but everyone knows the rating system was all about insurance premiums and nothing about power back then.
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    Thats cool man, didnt think about using stunt doubles duh, good idea, yeah wouldnt wanna see those cars wrecked. And yeah i agree with ya on the whole Stealth TT or whatever, i mean if i had a car similer to that, it wouldnt look all trashy either.
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    yea there was a supra in the opening scene when they race and jump that bridge
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    I dont know if it was already answered, but someone asked what modifications the yenko went through. well actually, the factory put on the graphics and thats it. When it arrived at the dealership, the machanics would remove the stock carbs and put on 2 four barrels i think
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    first one charger shown all yall that oldschool vs twin turbo intercooled old school was taking it to them. 2 one the guy really stands on it and blows the doors off the spyder. im not agains imports some are cool supra skyline. but i like old school chargers stangs
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    well there some cars you gotta love!! such as the the SALEEN S7!!!!!!!!! lol but back to topic,the factory made the graphics for the cars and the muscle cars in the movie are all but imposters?
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    You can soooo tell that its a challenger for instance its not as big as a charger and the front grille is narrower
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    I wish this site would put more of these muscle cars on here. Its like those 2 stupid movies (F&F, 2F2F) have just dropped everyone's intelligence on cars. I mean were is the Dodge Dart and the Plymouth Roadrunner?? All we get is what they see on these movies. Thats all you get most places now. Its like all these video games that are out now. Its always imports that are modded to "LOOK" like racecars or its the Charger....OH but wait, now its the Camaro and the Challenger. Really, some of these people need to research more on these cars.

    I swear those movies brainwash people...
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    I hear that. I see import "racers" on the road and they're really gay. Putting $10,000 of body crap on your car cuz u think it'll make u fast is what we NORMAL people call "stupidity". Adding a farting muffler and huge rims wont make the car any faster. And dont get me started on huge spoilers. I say this site should have more muscle cars. If any of ya wanna see a good muscle car site click on the link

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    all dodges are as crap. thare as old and crusty as the crap stuck in zac diferdinandos ass hair.
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    are u frikken retarded!
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    The only reason that i watched that movie was for the Yenko and the Challenger.
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    yes, but huge rims = bigger tires, bigger tires = more traction. more traction = better speed.
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    you ugly peice of shit, i don't care if i get banned for this, you are the stupidest #$%#er on the earth. guess what the fastest production domestic? a dodge, what's the fastest production truck on the face of this earth? a dodge. who's reliving the hemi era? dodge. proves what the #$%# you know. assclown.
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    True, but thats mostly if u use wider tires. They buy the cars with 7 inchers and keep the cars with 7 inchers.
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    oh, that's what you mean, well, if they think they can beat that no traction challenger off the line then he/she and there 7 inchers are sadly mistaken
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    Yeah, the Challenger ran 6 inchers I think. Imagine throwing some 10 inchers on there...DAMN.

    There's this 67/68 mustang Fastback around the block and it has like 10 inch wide tires on there. Id LOVE to see THAT 0-60 time.
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    aii, i'd just love the hear the thing at full throttle
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    hell yeah. sadly, ive never heard its assumibly wonderful roar.

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