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    Yeah at least they can admit that they'd get smoked by them
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    They wont admit they got smoked. They'll look horrible and they know it. They'll say the other car cheated cuz its engine is twice the size (despite the fact that rycers almost always use forced induction).
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    Hey you guys guess wut i saw the Challenger from that movie on sale in a mag. It actually didn't have a 425, but a 350. and in tha movie they said that it had 500hp, the 350 has about 400hp
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    Please don't talk.
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    what i find boring and very enraging is to see rarities like the chally, the vette, the saleen and the yenko destroyed and treated as if they were econo cars.
    this is what pisses me off.
    i had the opportunity in a mopar nats in switzerland to hear hemis roaring. that was awesome.
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    6 inch tires, or wheels, didn't vhallengers come with 225's, which are like 8.5. Is that stang cool, 10 inch isn't really that wide is it, 265's are like 11.5 if you measure them.
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    hey dumb #$%# there was a supra it was gold and it was in the begining race
  9. Those who had the idea destroy those
    beautiful AmCars (Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Charger and all the others), they're some fools,
    They should never rest in peace.
  10. Hey, it is 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 14.0 and 15.0 inch wheels for 1970 Challenger
    Uses Goodyear and Goodyear Polyglas GT
    (to Cellui456)
  11. A 426 Hemi, which has 425 HP. MOPAR has the 340 and the 360. The 360 was not avalible in that year. So the 340 4v made 275 HP, and the 340 6 pack made 290 HP. (Stock, rated HP)

    It looked like a 426 to me, with for some lame reason used a single carb instead of the stock double cross flow carbs (WTF??? Most likely because the technicians on the movie set do not know how to tune double carbs)

    I believe they used multiple cars though, like 6 of each
  12. That was an awsome scene I have to admit. I love the part where the guy revs the Mitsubishi before the race to show off he's got some serious power under the hood but his opponents Charger's rev just drowns out the rev of the Mitsubishi. It just shows you that old is sometimes better.
  13. yeah, I mean the Challenger beat the FWD Eclipse Spider in a staged Hollywood film! So therefor, Supras suck. That makes a hell of a lot of sense! You're a genius, wish I would have seen it that way sooner!
  14. y r u comparing DSM to american musle. a non turbo 4 cylinder FWD to a v8 RWD in a fake ass movie. i hate honda's but i no some that would kill those musle cars. stick to ur heavy ass cars. JDM FTW

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