2nd best golf?

Discussion in '2010 ABT AS8' started by Alfa 147 GTA, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. 2nd best golf

    This 5th generation GTI is second best of all (imo the original is best) and now with this ABT tune it can beat mk1. Mk1 looks flawed but is a blast to drive, hope this is NOT the opposite.
  2. Has anybody heard if they are planning an R32 version of the new golf? It would be cool. I am still eagerly anticipating the release of the new golf here in Canada. I want to drive one very badly, they are fun little cars.
  3. they're planning an R36 version of it. 3.6 litre engine, though it wouldnt be as cool as a stripped-out GTI. This car looks great! the standard GTI is also IMO the best since the Mk1. BTW, i dont think the Mk1 looks flawed. i think its got such a raw look that its just...awesome.
  4. looks cool. However the front end kinda looks like it came from a Cayenne while the back end looks like it came from an Aveo. But overall, pretty cool. I'd buy one.
  5. Yeah, mk1 doesn't look flawed...I picked wrong words... It looks like hmmm...fragile! I get always that feeling when I see old car and it makes no exeption. When I drive one I am afraid that floor might fall off... Well not really, and my fear has no grounds because VW is known of its superior quality.
  6. While they are based on the 2-door golf, technically the GTi and R32 aren't Golfs. The window sticker on them says Volkswagon GTi and Volkswagon R32.
  7. I don't mind this car, but I wouldn't buy one unless they release a VR6 version, or something like the R32 (or 36?) with maybe 4WD. that was cool...
  8. R36....yum. Want is sooo bad! Hope they actually make it.
  9. I haven't heard anything, but even if there were any plans it would be YEARS before we would see anything like that. I mean look, the R32 came at the very end of the MK4 life span, which was around for like 8 years (though europe had an R32 version years ago), so they might wait for the end of this MK5 series before they make a new R32. so yeah I'm afraid we're talking years, unless the r36 is real like he's saying
  10. I dont know I just cant digest this new bodystyle, especially with the taillights (god i miss those MK3 taillights and MK2 headlights), but maybe it's just a matter of time and it will grow on me (i hope). It's just not as angular and sharp-edged as I would like, being a fan of old rally cars, fiats, and lancias.

    But whatever man I'm being picky just gimme one plus 10 grand for parts.
  11. 2nd best golf....hell no! this golf is the ugliest golf ever made...
  12. i hope it looks better than this version of gti
  13. Hahaha. they keep improving golf's horsepower but they dont mind about giving it the abbility to offer real fun and entertainment....I dont believe its the second best golf ever coz mk1 provides loads of fun while mk3 has extremely good potential for tuning!!
  14. What is this? Appealinng but 10 less horsepower than the R32. Come on!
  15. Hmmm... What are you guys, local car dealers? I do compare daily driver street vehicles, but the development of them from year to year is fairly consistent. There is no doubt that this car is better than all of it's predecessors, for it is a better performer and better looking, all through industrial evolution. VW Golfs will never change, they'll just get a bit better every year.
  16. The Mk 2 GTi was the best ever Golf. The R32 was the second best.
  17. The R36 will boast 280 hp and 4wd. With the addition of a Z-engineering blower it'll easily have 350 hp and 350 lbs/ft. Wrooom!!! I'll have my friend borrow one of them and I'll let you know just how fast it goes.

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