2nd best wagon

Discussion in '1998 Autech Stagea RS260' started by 4 the man, Aug 10, 2002.

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    what about that barabus one that hits 200 mph and has like a 500hp V12 or something?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Cool, but the Audi RS6 or avantimiso is better
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    consider that the RS4 and RS6 didn't exist in 1998, then this car was no. 1
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    To all you none Stagea beleiver/ Haters. I happen to own one of the baddest ass kicking "Wagons around" This car is a muscle pumping wolf in a family mans suit. It has a RB26DETT that puts out 996bhp/679ftlb torque. She rides on 19" bling blings with 245 yoko's out back and 235 yoko's up front. I have a GT-R 34 front clip. And she rides LOW! I live in Japan right now but plan to relocate back state side soon. Stand the F**K by! NON-BELIEVERS!!
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL, you put 245 and 235 tyres on a 996 bhp car. It must weigh about 14 tons to be controllable! HAHAHAHA!
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    Due to the lack of knowlage, some people do not know that 1k+bhp is very attainable and in an AWD/4WD car, very controlable. I happen to have a electronic motor management control system that, at the push of a button, resets the fuel/timing/boost and ignition for the desired hp and is programed for optimum use. Be it grocery getting, street racing or or all out balls to the wall drifting. Also the the comp controlled suspension and traction system keeps all four wheels planted and in control. Go back to school before you get skooled. Little boooyy!!

    P.S. For the use of all 996bhp for drifting. I have a set of 315(R)and 275(F) super green yoko's.
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    but the 200mph+ Brabus tuned E55 estate did.
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    but we all have to agree that the original super-wag was either the audi rs2 or the volvo 855 t5-r in canery yellow
  9. HAHA U GOT OWNED!!!!!!!

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