2nd SC.net Photo Contest *Poll #2*

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    2 Polls, each has 7 entries. The top 3 of each will enter the final round.

    I will be out of town from Wed night, so I hope to launch the second round by then. I will let this run until 5pm EST Wed 10th May.

    Also be sure to check out the first poll at:

    Here are the entry descriptions:


    May 3rd marks the anniversary of the signing of Poland's Constitution in 1791, Europe's first modern constitution and the second oldest national constitution in the world. Until the fall of Communism in 1989, it was a common day for independence protests in Poland, and became a national holiday thereafter. With Chicago's large Polish community, May 3rd is celebrated by people from all walks of life; young and old alike, everyone comes out draped in red and white to celebrate their culture.


    this is from an American civil war battlefield


    Each Chinese village has a temple to worship the Gods and Guardians of the village. The photo shows one of the many ceramic sculptures of the heavenly soldier on the roof of the temple protecting the village against any evil spirit."


    The theme is culture and tradition, and this is perfect for this contest. It's perfect because it's not an ordinary wedding that you probably been invited too before, which shows a little culture of the vietnamese. The tradition when it comes to weddings in Vietnam is that the bride and groom would usually walk around their little village once and come back to their home for a big feast.


    Music in Cuba is a large part of their lives. Most play string instruments, however this man entertained us with some brass. and so on


    The French flag atop the Louvre's "Pavillon Sully" as seen through the main glass pyramid. The Louvre was originally built as a fortress, then turned into a palace, and held its first art exposition in 1793. It is now museum home to priceless artwork and a symbol of French history and culture.


    This photo is my view of the american appreciation of traditional culture. The pieces shown are mainly Piet Mondrian, and on the wall behind them are several Picassos. The emptiness of the gallery shows americas lack of care of culture, a very traditional value here in amerikuh.
  3. Ok Fixed!!!
  4. They can link the captions below the pics to the numbers of the first post though
  5. Voted for #6, very original positioning for a photo
  6. i voted for the chinese one.
  7. The Polish one. The "drive thru" is a nice touch. (and I'd totally hit it)
  8. Haha #1 is very tempting.
  9. haha everyone is voting 1 because of the chicks.
  10. big LOL at the paragraph of photo 7 though, it has to be mentioned
  11. I picked it for other reasons
  12. i agree tho the description of the last one made me laugh
  13. i think i know the girls in pic 01.
  14. #6, awesome angle, and the louvre is hella FR culture, y0
  15. Either 5 or 7
  16. Seriously, I should have imposed the "no chick" rule<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  17. bump

    By the way this is going, it's going to be hard to pick the 3rd place. Come on! Vote!
  18. Number 6 doesn't have the feeling of culture and tradition for me. It seems to be relying on the fact that it's the Louvre to convey culture. For me culture and tradition is based in people, and people are needed in the picture to show the culture and tradition.
  19. #1: Looks very professional technically. Nice depth of field use there. Certainly fits into the culture/tradition theme. However, I get the feeling that I�m going to a football game, unless I read the caption. Also, with regards to composition, was the inclusion of the words �Drive thru� intentional. It�s a key part of composition, not having anything inappropriate in the frame.

    #2: Very moving shot, fits into the theme well. However, I feel that the overall feel of the shot is diminished by not using a technique called �foreshortening.� Essentially it is using a longer focal length (or zooming in) from a greater distance so that the background item is brought forward, and becomes more prominent. Also, could�ve done with a slight crop to remove some blown out sky and part of the third cannon visible.

    #3: Exposure it accurate, if a little over. The choice for including some negative space is a little overdone. I get no sense of size or scale from this, and all that is shown is this sculpture and some roof. In short, there needs to be more temple in the shot.

    #4: Tourist shot. A shot of Vietnam doesn�t make it an interesting shot, the key is people�there are lots of them in this shot, all very far away, and there faces are not very clearly seen. Culture and Tradition is about people, or their personal effects.

    #5: Unfortunately, the equipment and the post-processing on this one is a bit of a let down, there is lots of noise in the shadows, which just so happens to be the subject. Tricky situation to meter, which the musician in shadow, and the bright outdoors.

    #6: I like this photo, very abstract in its nature; it may receive criticism for not being closely related to culture, because it focuses more on the architectural side of things. This contest has to be based on the theme more so than anything else. As a photo, it is superb, but the contest is about culture/tradition.

    #7: Devoid of any emotion. That may sound a little harsh, but I don�t see anything other than a collection of modern art in a minimalistic gallery. Art is a way of defining a culture, much like a photo is. With regards to the description, you can�t justify a boring photo with a deep description. The description should be there to clarify some issues with the photo (like where/when it was taken, or a little background info on the family background).
  20. #1 (Blitz's?)
  21. You gotta be kidding about #6
  22. why?

    you can take a photo of a monument of famous building three ways.
    Tourist - self explanatory
    Architectural - Focussing on the design of the structure
    Cultural - focussing on the character of the subject.

    it's leaning towards architectural.

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