3.5 seconds

Discussion in '2008 Nissan GT-R' started by Fletzu, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. That seems pretty science fiction for 473 hp and 1710 Kg
  2. Not horribly unreasonable.
  4. You are bullshit.
  5. I Call Japanese Technology !!!!
  6. hahaha
  7. ....impossible

    A Porsche GT2 is lighter, more powerful, has better traction and is slower to 60??
  8. It is very believable time b/c this car is AWD. Its acceleration is probably a little slower paced past 60 mph.
  9. How is its traction better, discounting LC? Also, Porsche is notorious for quoting lower performance figures than the cars are capable of.
  10. Go hump your cat #%$
  11. 3.5 seconds sound a bit crazy. i would say it's more like 3.7 seconds
  12. This car will never get under 4.0 seconds to sixty. This car does have AWD traction, but if you look at any car with AWD, the 0-60 times are crap. The reason for this is that with too much traction, you end up slowing down acceleration. You would need a ton of torque to get this thing rolling in the 3's. Look at any car. The TRD Celica(500hp, AWD) and the Bugatti EB110(600hp, AWD) are great examples of cars with too much traction, not enough torque.

    The Bugatti EB110 had about the same torque as this car, but couldn't get under 4.9 seconds to sixty. It won't happen. The only successful AWD car to accelerate quickly is the Bugatti Veyron. That car has 922 ft lbs. Just wait for the performance reviews. Everything about this car is going to be overrated.
  13. STFU you don't own a Buagati
  14. 300 hp STIs and EVOs have dipped into the mid-high 4s category. Thats very fast for 3400 lb, 300 hp cars.
  15. i think that its capable of those times in PERFECT conditions (0 mph wind, professional driver,closed course track), but in real world conditions (heat, high winds, road conditions, driver experience) that a high 3's to mid 4's sounds more reasonable. as for tha quarter mile, same as mentioned above.
  17. just half of lols
  18. i would like ot see this with my own eyes.i dont believe it can do better than a z06 when it has less power and weighs more.
  19. I'm on it.
  20. Well I played it on the Need for Speed Pro Street demo. And it was faster than the Vette BMW and a modified Supra, so I bet it can.
  21. I think I love you.
  22. And since its a nissan all you have to do is put to more turboz on it and some nawz and it makes like 1000HP stock internals!
  23. 3.5 seconds ?..... maybe on the dyno...hahah
  24. on dinos you go 0mph. st00pido.

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